Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Kindred Piscean Spirits

This is the dirt pile I feel like right now:

This is the woman who swept it up for me after I complained that my green room was disgusting:

These are the friends who danced around the disgusting green room in Beauty School Drop Out hats and got caught by the stage manager who did not think it was in the least bit amusing:

Happy Birthday Krista Maurer!  Yesterday, I put my foot in my mouth and told everyone that I was an art snob, emphasizing how picky I am about paintings.  Then my dear friend Krista left a comment asking me if I hated  the painting she created for me for my birthday three years ago.  I tried to make a joke that my storage room just wouldn't be the same without it.  But I think it wasn't appreciated.

No Krista, you can't have that painting back.  I adored it from the moment I saw it and love that you took time to create something so personal just for me!  Now I am hoping that she will tell me how she never liked the knitting basket, the old mirror, and the globe I gave her or that Burt's Bees gives her an allergic reaction.

Krista, you are my kindred Piscean spirit.  Can we still be friends?

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  1. Mindy love. I was TOTALLY teasing you and didn't even see your "storage room" comment until five minutes ago! :) At which point I laughed SO hard. :) Dear woman, you're a Pisces after my own heart. And a dear friend I adore. Of course we can still be friends. It would take a lot more than that to get rid of me!

    And speaking of the knitting basket, it's currently holding all my yarns and needles and woolen treasures. As for the globe, it has traveled far and wide adorning offices, piano rooms, and bedrooms, but currently sits high atop a shelf in my loft office/sitting room. And the mirror, the lovely mirror graces my dresser. And in fact it accompanied me to Church a couple weeks ago for an object lesson. All favored items in my antique collections.

    And the Burt's Bees! I just got it out of the mail! What a lovely surprise! (I need to check my mail box more often.) Thank you ever so much.

    Happy Birthday to US! Love you friend. :)