Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Brown and Dirty - White and Nerdy

Over Labor Day weekend, my boys did nothing but play in the mud for two days straight. I was busy writing music and doing oodles of homework, so I let them run wild. At one point, I went out to check on them and my next-door-neighbor, Luhi, was wallowing in the mire like a hog right along side them. Awesome. Then I went out again after a while and found the Glediator soaking in the ooze. After six hours of homework at the close of my Labor day, that mud was looking mighty fine to me, and I convinced Luhi's wife, Fauneil to hop in with me. It was quite the liberating experience and I felt young and spry.

However, due to all the heavy textbooks in my bacpack after the first week at school, I recently threw out my back. After much resistance, I finally broke down and purchased a backpack on wheels today. I am not feeling so spry anymore. The Glediator danced around the kitchen, bumping and grinding while serenading me with Weird Al's "White and Nerdy" song in honor of my rolling backpack. So I guess, in the blink of an eye I went from awesome, brown and dirty, to seriously white and nerdy. If you see me rolling along with my backpack, please, just look away.


  1. woohoo- check out those biceps! I'm jealous...however you can keep your rolling back pack.

    What degree are you working towards?

  2. oh man, you guys are so awesome. next time drew and i will have to join in! (:

  3. You're like the coolest mom ever.

  4. Yeah! You are a nerd like me! Good luck with your studies. Isn't it fun being a mom in school? Yikes.

  5. I almost had to go to a "white and nerdy" backpack this semester because I about died dragging my books and laptop all summer, but thankfully my professor this semester does not use a textbook, she just puts it all online. So so nice! (And really, I didn't want to buy a new backpack for my last semester of grad school). So what classes are you taking?? Good luck with school! I am doing homework now too :(

  6. Mindy...I'm 32 and I've been going to school for my nursing degree since 2000..on and off..between having 4 babies and taking a few semesters off to nurse those babies etc..With the associates degree done and all but 3 pre-reqs out of the way I am soo close to being done now...just waiting for my 4 year old boy to start 1st grade before entering the 7 hour a day 5 days a week "hair tearing out, nail biting, weight gaining because of stress" two year long nursing program. "breath"

    SO...all I'm saying is GOOD FOR YOU!!! We have been taught in the church to get an education and I believe that as long as our families dont suffer (that doesnt mean that they dont have to sacrifice a little for mom.) than we need to get that education!!!!

    KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK...and dont forget to smell the cookies once in awhile! (I prefer sweets over flowers).