Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Photo courtesy of Brad Luppino Photography

See the beautiful woman in the center of this photo? If you have an etsy store, run a business from home or work as the CEO of a large corporation, you will want to know her. I had the blessing of touring orphanages in Bulgaria last March with Kelly Anderson. That's a whole different story which you can read about here. But when she isn't helping to run a non-profit organization that aids orphans, she is running her own organization, Startup Princess, which helps women entrepreneurs to get their business off the ground and empowers them to be successful at what they do. Kelly has organized a conference called Touchpoint, on Friday (yes, this Friday, the 11th) where you can attend valuable workshops and network with Utah's finest female entreprenuers from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. With a lineup of nationally acclaimed women in business, you can learn about a range of topics from business strategies to finding balance with business and family. I will be there, ready to learn new skills to take my business savvy to a new level. You can register and look at the courses offered here. Hope to see you there!


  1. Ever Googled your surname? well i did and came up with you amongst a field of lawers/hot water cylinder manufacturers and a religious bio writer for the UK's times online, your comment about working out to Richard Simmons was classic! Well it stood out and then i tuned into your music..appears theres a number of gifted musucians in the geneology.. Im assuming you married in, so maybe you've added to the gene pool!

    Its hard to tell or fathom why families travelled to where they did over time and why they chose the countries they did, but genology is hard to deny as your husband and I are alike! Your pictures of boys look like us -blonde haired blue eyed, as they get older theyll look more like there old man!..Amazing guys are in states, us the other small Gledhill family tree, in New Zealand on the bottom of the world...

    your music is cool, my girls would enjoy it.. its funny how lyrics reach out..strike a chord..connect or descend across age/location..its great to see people using creative thought to earn a buck.. makes me proud to see theres other creative Gledhills out there..

    Keep making great music out there and as above impact as a role model in others has a funny way of paying it forward and the things we imagine will happen.If you ever want to reply try
    or look me up on

    Kind Regards
    Sean Gledhill

  2. Love you Mindy and proud to have you as a sister. We miss your little family so much and Jane talks about Jackson and "Badger" all the time. Wish we were closer. Cami