Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Harvest of Good Times

Halloween is nigh and that means that Christmas will be here in a blink. We've been trying to make the moments last, but with every fluttering leaf, Fall fades from our view and will soon settle beneath the snow.

Here's how we've been celebrating the harvest:


Every year, my sister Jenny holds what we call the "Pumpkinfest" at her organic community garden in Sandy. I'm not sure if Marni (my oldest sister) got enough pumpkins.

Thatcher and I force a smile after spending over FOUR HOURS in the ER for stitches. That's what happens when I go to school and Thatcher attempts to carve a pumpkin with a butcher knife in secret. Nice.

Baby Emmit might get wheeled away and hucked in the back of Marni's FJ.

Goblin Valley!

What better way to start October than to go camping with all the boy cousins at Goblin Valley? The weather was perfect UNTIL it stormed and hailed that night and me and the boys piled in the back of the Jeep to wait it out until morning.

Once again, me and the Thatch Man force a smile. It was a long drive for a kid with stitches.

Scarecrow Extravaganza!

My mother-in-law loves Halloween more than life itself. Every year we craft scarecrows in our own likeness and plant them in the flower bed in her front yard. But wait, which of the scarecrows above are the Real McCoy?

C'est moi.

Happy Halloween!


  1. i enjoy seeing them lit up at night through our window. (: we're so glad to be living in the gledhill shadows.. literally, we love you guys!

  2. fun! you and your sisters are so cute, mindy. love the camping idea. aside from the storm and hail, what a great tradition for the boys; the location looks awesome!=)

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  4. I happened to drive past that house with the scarecrows while practice driving with my oldest boy this week. What a fun decorating idea! We get a little crazy over Halloween over here, too. Last year the city gave us a "Good Neighbor" award for it, but it was a little embarrassing since other people got them for things like adopting a zillion kids and caring for widows.

    Anyway, Happy Halloween!

  5. aside from the storm and hail, what a great tradition for the boys; the location looks awesome!
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