Saturday, October 10, 2009

Welcome! Photo Shoot: Day 1

Discussing photography ideas for the shoot tomorrow

Welcome to my first post on my journey through the album-making process! I have dreamed of this day for the last several months since I first got up the guts to call Raymond Meeks. I had seen his book, "Sound of Summer Running" and instantly fell in love with the dreamy essence of his photography. Good thing I made such a great first impression after crashing my rental car into a curb as I pulled up to his house this morning. (Glad I got that full coverage). Even more glad that Ray is the nicest person on the planet and found my grand entrance to be somewhat comical.

The unique thing about my time with Ray today was that he planned this day as a "get to know you day." We ate the most delicious food I have ever had, we meandered down streets in downtown Portland and perused through album covers at a used record store. What normal photographer would regard taking the time to get to know their subject as this essential to the art? That's just his way.

Joining me on this trip are my sisters, Jenny and Lindsey - both amazing photographers who have long admired Ray and who also happened to act like two thirteen-year-old girls, backstage at a Jonas Brothers concert. They will be documenting this process so I will post some of their pictures later tonight. I'm falling asleep at the wheel here, but juicier details to come . . .

Little sister, Lindsey finds a new favorite coffee shop.

Inspiration for you found in a display window.

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