Thursday, October 22, 2009

It Starts With a Song

Last week, my friend Dan, who sits next to me in my Pro Tools class, pulled a CD out of his backpack. The CD, shiny and new, read It Starts With a Song.

"Hey, I think I'm on this CD," I said as he handed it over for me to review.

Sure enough, "You Don't Define Me" from my album Feather in the Wind was right there on the back cover. BYU decided to release a compilation CD of former students who have gone on to have "a career" in music. I left class that day somewhat amused as I asked myself, "What? What starts with a song? A seven year stint of local music that leads you right back to the classroom where you started? Ha."

As I stared into the bagel display case at the Twilight Zone on campus I pondered on my journey as a musician. Has it been worth it? Have I made much progress from where I first started? Just then, a familiar song came on over the loud speakers. It was "The Show" by one of my favorite artists, Lenka. In fact, I loved that song so much that several months earlier, I contacted the producer and asked him if he would work on my next album.

He said yes.

I took the synchronicity of hearing that song in that moment as a sign to rejoice in the fact that I have, in fact, made much progress since the first time I tried out for chamber choir in high school and did not make it. I didn't make the school musical either, nor Women's Chorus, nor Young Embassadors, nor the Music Dance Theater Program. Not even a fireside group called, "The Latter Day Sounds." (I am now somewhat relieved about that.) So I started to make my own music and write my own songs. Now I am on the cusp of working with several producers whom I really admire and no doubt this journey really did start with one little song.

Cool idea: This exercise comes from a book I love called, "The Artist's Way" by Julia Cameron. Think of five imaginary lives you would love to live and write them down. Choose a favorite and then start living it this week. What is one step you can take in that direction? It may be picking up your paintbrush, strumming your guitar, spending more meaningful time with your children, taking a dance class, or signing up with an intramural sports team. Don't wait to create a life you love living. Just that one step may lead to three or four more until you look back and realize a thousand steps later just how far you've come.


  1. OK Mindy. Its insane how similar our lives seem sometimes. My musical jouney has taken me in different places than you but wow. I really wish we could chat some more sometime!!

  2. Mindy,
    I read your post about your little boys eyes and You dont know me but I went to your concert in AZ and thought you were amazing. I had already loved your efy songs but loved your new cd as well. Anyways we just had a baby boy this past march and he was diagnosed with nystagmus and macular dystrophy, both are rare eye disorders. The drs. tell us that he might not be able to read, drive, play sports, and eventually lose all sight. I had a really rough couple of months going through all this testing with just a tiny baby, it was heartbreaking. I just want you to know that I listened to your song River God all the time for comfort and it just helped me to know that Heavenly Father is doing this to help us, and not as a punishment. For some reason we needed these sad trials in our lives, I dont really understand why but I know that Heavenly Father does. Anyways I just want you to know that I have listened to your music in some of my darkest hours and it has really helped me. Thanks you for making such amazing music.
    I know that our boys are special, and feel so blessed that Heavenly Father chose me to be my sons mother. Like my mom told me,"Heavenly Father must realy trust you to give you such a special spirit." You can check out my blog to see our

  3. Mindy, pretty much not a day goes by that I don't listen to at least one of your songs. I'm so happy I get to benefit from your beautiful gift! Not only that, but my children are bound to grow up with your voice in their heads as well--it's so cool!

  4. P.S. Lenka is great! That's so awesome about the producer! And girl, you know I didn't make Womens' Chorus or MDT either! Maybe that's where we know each other from--the BYU rejects pile!!

  5. Hi Mindy! I am from Arizona. You don't know me, but I went to a concert that you had a while back, and I have to tell you that your music has been such a help in my life! I appreciate your music and the calm spirit is has brought to me on many occassions. Thanks for your sweet spirit that you convey through your songs!!
    Kaitlyn from Arizona :)

  6. I think you're grand! Thanks for your sharing your inspiring thoughts! Can't wait for your new album!