Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Deal of the Century

We are more than half way through November which can only mean one thing:
The Holidays are here.

I have an awesome deal on my site, ahem, www.mindygledhill.com.
If you buy my new album, Anchor, you can get Feather in the Wind for only $4.99.
That's $19.98 for both, to be exact!
The best part? FREE gift wrapping on all orders!!!
This would make a sweet stocking stuffer too.

Finish your shopping early and click
HERE to buy!


  1. Dear Mindy,
    Can I just (selfishly!) say that I was just hoping your post was going to describe your new Holiday cd?!?! I adore Anchor, fabulous job! I'd love for you to come to the Midwest and do a concert!

  2. awwww rats I already have Anchor.....hmmmm but I could buy another for a gift now couldn't I and keep feather!!!! It's a plan!