Thursday, November 18, 2010

Murder in the Dark

This is me hiding under a blanket a year ago at Thanksgiving time. I was playing my favorite game of all time with my kids and my dad - Murder in the Dark. This is a game my dad would play with me and my siblings when we were little ones in which he would turn all the lights off in the house until it was pitch black. Then, we would find hiding spots and hold our breath for what seemed like an eternity while Dad entered the room like the Creature from the Black Lagoon, growling low and long. When he found us (usually because our giggling gave us away), we would squeal while he tickled us until we were ready to burst.

Tonight I am wishing for a simpler time. Life has been moving so fast and there have been moments when I've wanted to hide under a blanket and be five years old again. I'm so looking forward to spending some time with my family during the upcoming holidays.

Me and Pops.


  1. Well said, Mindy. I'm missing my fam too and simpler times.

    I wish we could go back and know what we know now.

  2. Ah...hope you get some wonderful time with your family.

    That game reminds me of my favorite game when I was young...Bloody Murder. We played at nighttime in the yard. Horrible name, fantastically fun game.

  3. He looks like a good man! Ha ha, I just wrote on my own blog about having the sense of humor of a 5 year old! And yes, they were simpler times....
    Love your music, by the way. Are you coming to Paris, France anytime soon?

  4. I LOVED that game when I was little!! My friends and I still play it sometimes, to bring the 5 year old out of us :) Of course that doesn't take any effort for us. :) I'm so grateful for fathers :)

  5. Have a very happy Thanksgiving. There is nothing more important than time with family.

  6. Mindy, Give you family my love. I miss you all.