Sunday, November 7, 2010

Logan Photos!

(First three photos by Jordan Falslev).

I don't want to upset anyone who has come to any of my recent shows, but I must admit, this little show at Whysound in Logan, UT was the most fun I've had with a crowd in a very. long. time. I adore an intimate crowd all smooshed together in a little venue.

(Jordan Falslev and me).

Now for my Hipstamatic prints of course.
This is Chase Baker in the green room. Chase plays guitar for me and he rocks a vintage bow-tie.

Nate Young (my drummer) takes a snooze before our set.

I also take a snooze on the ground in the green room.

Then, after I'd been on stage for a while, I snapped this beauty of the crowd.

After the show, I sought out my bestest fan and friend, Whitney Ebert.
I love this girl.
We both have a thing for crazy glasses.

A highlight of the show was seeing my friend Deborah Gardener in the audience. Remember when Deborah took me to Bulgaria? Amazing woman.
Seriously. Logan. I want to come back soon. Thanks for such a rad night.


  1. Had a blast! Thanks for a great show! :0)

  2. I've just found your music & I love it! Wish I lived in UT!

  3. The mesa concert will be awesome too!!! Probably not with the little light hanging and stuff but definitly a crowd that will adore you Mindy!!! We are so excited to see you! Might I add a 6 hour drive worthy concert for me and my besties!!!! we are so excited!! love ya much Mindy!
    Tifani Cluff
    ps. I hope to get a pic with you and Nie at the concert, that would be a treat, a treat indeed :)

  4. Oh my goodness! I am so very happy you used my pictures!! :) The concert was amazing! Thank you again for coming to Logan!

  5. it was a great concert. thanks so much mindy!

  6. Bestest fan and friend indeed:) Love you Mindy!

  7. It was just my wonderful luck to be in Utah and even in Logan the night of your concert. It was amazing and now my daughters are in love with you and your incredible music too! My husband and I are determined to get to Olympia, Wa!! :) Thanks for a great evening!

  8. Your incredible heart and spirit shone for all to see. Thank you for a wonderful evening. Keep writing that fantastic music! We love it!

  9. Thanks for such a great evening. My sisters and I just loved it. I had to talk my sister into dissing some other commitments but she was sure glad she did. Thanks again, LOVED IT.

  10. What a fun night that was! So great to see you on my turf!