Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Milestone

As artists, we create pieces of literature, pick up the paint brush, choreograph sacred steps or pen our hearts into song, all with the hope that we are sending something out there into the universe that others will find meaningful. Last Saturday marked a milestone for me when a friend emailed me to tell me that the music video for "Anchor" had surpassed 100,000 views. This is exciting to me for many reasons. But more than anything, I hope this means that people are responding to a song that came from a tender spot in my spirit. I hope this is a manifestation that this song has struck a chord in the spirits of others. I am so very grateful and humbled to be a vessel for this song. Thanks for all your support in your watching and sharing this video. Love to you.


  1. Hooray! I'm so happy for you. And I miss you. You've been on my mind a lot. Are we still on for spring?
    xo - the fainter.

  2. Sandi, I miss you too! Let's talk soon about our Spring plans. Loves.

  3. absolutely lovely! What a beautiful song and video- mellow and bright all wrapped into one delightful experience :)

  4. Mindy...
    I absolutely LOVE you and your video!
    Sweet, darling, beautiful and full of grace.
    I am so very happy to meet you!
    Blessings xoxo

  5. Congratulations :)
    And you're absolutely right, those of us who adore this song (def including me - I may have even tweeted and FB'ed it a few times) love it so much because it does strike a resonating cord within. What a gift you have, to feel things so strongly, and to express those feelings so clearly and beautifully! Thank you!


  6. You shouldn't be surprised! Anchor is a beautiful song and the video is brilliant. You've created something amazing. Congratulations!

  7. You are so sweet and I loved your concert in Mesa!!! My besties are hooked on your songs now too!!! WE love ya and thank you for doing what you do!!!!

  8. You have quite a fan base growing in Michigan. I have passed your music on to so many. All I hear is praise, praise and more praise. We all love you and your music!