Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Lower Lights in Your Town! (Plus, Exclusive Photos)

Tomorrow night (Friday, the 4th) the Lower Lights will illuminate the stage in Boise, ID. I wish I could be with them, but I won't be too sad because I'm at Disneyland celebrating my upcoming 30th birthday (just days away!). However, I have a ton of family in Boise as well as Tri-Cities and Spokane, so I am totally bummed to miss out on seeing all the cousins. But listen up, friends and cousins alike. You have GOT to see this show. It is beyond awesome. Friday: Boise. Saturday: Tri-Cities. Sunday: Spokane. I put those in the primary colors so you wouldn't forget. You're welcome. Click here for all the details. And now, some exclusive photos I snapped with the Lower Lights at the Post Theater in Salt Lake City:

Dustin Christensen likes to squeeze his way into photos. And I like to give him a squeeze when I see him, because he's my friend and his voice rocks.

Dyllan Schorer plays mind boggling solos on slide guitar.

D-Fo (or Debra Fotheringham) will mesmerize you with her magical voice and spot-on rhythm on percussion.

Sarah Sample is a stunning. Always.

Look! What did I tell you about Dustin! Cherie Call is a sweet, sweet friend and amazing musician.

Lookie here. It's the ring leader of it all: Mr. Scott Wiley.
Don't miss these shows! For more information about the Lower Lights and how to book them in your town, visit:


  1. I think for the first time ever I'm kinda wishing I lived in Boise!

  2. Thanks Mindy for your help!

    I love ya!
    Hope you and your fam are having a blast in the happiest place on earth!

  3. You are very pretty, I think you should grow your hair out again... you are so much enchanting that way!