Monday, March 21, 2011

Signs of Spring

Photos, courtesy of Zan Baker.

This week, I am looking for signs of Spring, because after all, Winter is officially OVER. I would definitely say that outdoor concerts are a sign of Spring. Thank heavens for Sam Schultz (owner of Sammy's Café) who not only brings a little night life to my town of Provo, UT, but also has the BEST MILKSHAKES in town at Sammy's Café (where he often blocks off the street and holds outdoor concerts).

And, look! What is that parking terrace behind me? Why, that's the very parking terrace where we hold the Rooftop Concert Series (beginning in May this year). These are FREE, amazing concerts that we hold during the summers here in Provo. I'm on the committee, so trust me, the lineup this year is going to knock your socks off.
And so are Sammy's milkshakes should you care to grab one while you're at one of these outdoor concerts.

But, enough about concerts in Provo. I'm coming to quite a few towns this Spring. Check out the list below to see if 'll be in your neck of the woods!
Thanks to Chase Baker for playing guitar!


  1. Any chance of coming to Scotland? You have a lot of fans here! x

  2. I would just die to go to Scotland!

  3. Oh please come to Scotland, I would love to see you! Btw, I love your new video, so inspiring. xo

  4. Ahem.. did you know that Missoula MT is a short 4 hour drive from IF / Rexburg? Just sayin..