Monday, March 14, 2011

The Making of a Music Video: A Photo Essay

On Thursday, the music video for "Whole Wide World" will release.
This video has taken an eternity to make, but it was mostly just an eternity of having

Please enjoy this photo essay of some of the behind-the-scenes moments while filming.

Director, Julian Acosta and camera operator, Derek Pueblo survey the dunes in Delta, UT.

I practice on the dirt bike for a few simple scenes, while my the camera crew is busy filming my stunt double on some killer jumps. Wish I could've done the jumps!

Producer, Jared Harris is mostly there to make me laugh.

This Apache helicopter just happened to fly into this scene while we were filming. We totally kept it in the video. How could we not?

Running through colored puffs of smoke in St. George.

I got plastered. (It's really just chalk dust, not smoke).

I tried to do ballet. It was a disaster. I couldn't walk for days afterward due to a sore booty.

Running with some awesome girls. We originally shot this scene in Arizona and the footage didn't turn out so we had to redo it in Utah. I've been feeling terrible about it. If you volunteered in Arizona, I really hope you can forgive me.

We chase the camera man in the truck (Derek Pueblo).

Recognize these little beauties?
There are quite a few fun cameos in the video of people you will recognize.

Look! There's another familiar face! Blogger, Marilyn Lott, happened to be in town for this. I was so happy she could make an appearance!

We filmed the last scene at the ice castles in Midway, UT after I chopped all my hair off (also a scene in the video. You get to watch all my hair fall to the floor).
Many thanks to all who were involved in the video. I'm excited to share it with you!
Come back Thursday!


  1. Looks lovely, can't wait to see it! Always adore your videos :)

  2. How exciting! I can't wait to see another beautiful video!!!

  3. Looks awesome, I'm so excited!!

  4. watched the video, loved it! I was wondering how you got the helicopter participation. How cool that it just showed up!

  5. Just watched the video on Arica's blog! Love it! Such fun scenes to shoot. And I love that we got to see your haircut happen!

  6. Thank you Mindy, for your kindness, friendship and love. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that we will never forget!

  7. It's just beautiful! Kudos to all the cool folks who participated and made it great. But the singing is the best, of course.

  8. so I thought the apache helicopter was all planned! I totally ROCKED!
    I just came across your beautiful music. It makes me and my 3 little girls so happy.
    Thank you.