Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Christmas Recording, Day 1

I'm a girl who likes to take chances. I've wanted to do a Christmas album for a long time, but let's face it: recording Christmas songs in the summer at 7 months pregnant just seems weird. But with the coming of a baby and the time it takes to prep an album for release, I decided that this was the prime time to just go for it. Today I started the recording of my first Christmas album ever. It went something like this:

Arrive at the Backyard Studios.

After about 30 minutes of brainstorming and sharing ideas about how the album should go down, we dive right into tracking. This is where I get to sit on the futon and watch the magic begin.

My producer, Stuart Brawley and right hand man, Joe Corcoran begin with scratch tracks on guitar.

Then, I record scratch vocals.

The scratch tracks give drummer, Matt Mayhall, a foundation with which to track his sweet beats.

Rigby has learned to sleep through all this racket, bless his heart.

We'll be moving at lightening speed on this album (tracking the whole thing in a week). It will be simple, and so perfectly spontaneous.


  1. Sounds like the best way to do it! Can't wait to buy the new album for the holidays. :)

  2. You live an amazing life, my dear. I think a simple, spontaneous Christmas album sounds perfect and I'll be first in line to get it!!!

  3. There is definitely something magical about being in a studio. Yippee! A Christmas album. One that will no doubt be on the top of our list:)

  4. SO EXCITED here in Canada for a Christmas album, can't wait to buy it!

  5. Me too Heather!! I'm in SK and can't wait to have our Mindy Gledhill Christmas cd playing when it's cold and snowy.... though I can wait for all that snow and cold!!