Tuesday, June 14, 2011


You know how a lot of pregnant women talk about how beautiful they feel when they're expecting? Well that is a bunch of bologna. I've never felt frumpier in my life. Hence, my recent quest to find maternity clothing that is hip. Enter Lilac Clothing.
Don't worry, owner, Kristy Olsen's head (far right) is not normally distorted. This is the only group photo I had. Sorry Kristy!

My neighbor Karen, told me about this company that makes transitional clothing for women. What in the blazes is "transitional clothing?" you ask. Allow me. Transitional clothing is tailored to fit your body during different stages of life whether you've gained a few pounds, are in the middle of a pregnancy or are recovering from having a baby. The cuts and the fabric compliment your body at any stage.

At 7 months pregnant, this darling little red number can work with my roundness, but I can totally see how it would still fit and look flattering after I've had the baby and morphed into my regular body again. The jersey fabric is SOOO comfy too.
Kristy helps to style me. Thanks Kristy! Glad your head is back to normal in this photo.

After what must have seemed like an eternity to the Lilac ladies who helped to style me, they let me pick some favorites and I am loving them. Many, many thanks! Go check out their lovely designs and last chance sale HERE.


  1. I'm just going to write it: If you are wearing "transitional" clothes at 7 months...you are AMAZING! I was done transitioning and into looking full blown pregnant at 4 months!

    You look incredible! I totally hear you about the maternity clothes though...YUCK, YUCK and more YUCK! Too bad I'm due at the end of July...maybe it isn't too late to get some Lilac clothes for my transition back to normal...if that will actually happen for me.

  2. What a cute, stylish dress. Jersey fabric is oh-so comfortable to wear. You look beautiful, Mindy and I love your shorter hairdo!! :-)

  3. I want to ask some questions--Jersey tends to cling to other fabrics. Like undergarments. Sometimes said undergarments stick to the jersey and you can see the whole deal. Entiendes? So...how thick is the jersey? (Can you see the knees?)

  4. La Yen, I know what you mean. That's one issue I asked the Lilac girls about. I use maternity Spanx to combat those lines and that seems to help a lot. Not all of Lilac's clothes are jersey. I really like their jeans and capris too. But yeah, lines bug.