Saturday, June 4, 2011

Up On the Rooftop

If you came to the Rooftop Concert on Friday with Ryan Innes, myself and Meaghan Smith, then I would like to kiss you. Thanks a million to everyone who volunteered and who showed up to formulate a vibrant crowd of almost 3,000 people. Such a dream!

My guitarist, Joe Corcoran, is such a gem. He came all the way from L.A. for the show. Thanks Joe!

What a crowd! I especially loved it when people stood up and danced.

And I would pay money to have Cjane join me onstage anytime, anywhere.

Meaghan Smith was such a delight and so cordial. Her voice is the crème de la crème.

Provo fell in love with her right away.

Thanks so much for coming, Meaghan! Come back soon, ok?

P.S. Next month's Rooftop Concert will be an Abbey Road, Beatles cover band comprised of some of Utah's most amazing artists and Sarah Sample (a favorite of mine) will be opening! Don't miss it on Friday, July 1st at 8 PM, 100 W., 100 N., Provo, UT. I'll see you there.

P.P.S. Here's a little clip that someone uploaded at the Rooftop Concert. It makes me laugh for so many reasons. I think the guy who tries to hurdle the police barricade with his kid is my favorite.


  1. You were so beautiful last night! Loved your dress. It was an amazing concert. All 3 of you were incredible! Thanks for sharing the video, it made me laugh too!

  2. That guy is MY favorite.


  3. I wish I was there...
    you're the best Mindy =]

  4. I was there! I thought if I got there at 7 I'd be able to get a great seat up front. But I thought wrong. My bad for under-estimating the Mindy Love out there!

    So I was in the back by the stairs near the merchandise tables. But what a great show! I'm so glad I got to say "hey" after...thanks for indulging me with a photo. You're adorable.

    Enjoy the performance hiatus while you bring another bunchkin into the world, and I look forward to future gigs. And thanks also for introducing me to Meaghan's music...she is phenomenal. You make a perfect musical duo. ♥

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your hair Mindy! And your music is beautiful! I work with teen girls who are exploring ME and what is to just be and accept ME..I love your video with all the different women and girls!

    I have a give-away on my blog to share

  6. man i wish i lived near provo!

  7. My sister, husband & I went to the concert, and you did a fabulous job!!! In fact, I loved your songs so much, that I started buying them last night... then I woke up with one of them in my head this morning... and ended up singing along with you on my way to work! Ha :)

    Your "All About Your Heart" song is so tender & sweet... it makes me tear up. Thanks for sharing your beautiful voice with the world!

    I love your style & short hair, by the way -- so cute!