Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Tour Recap Part 1

I have been recovering from a post-tour coma these last few days. And while in my comatose state, I dreamed about my little Christmas tour over and over again because it was just THAT AWESOME.

On Monday last week, I picked up my band at the Salt Lake airport in a 31 foot RV complete with brown and mustard decals on the side and the word "Chateau" printed in enormous letters on the front. Upon climbing aboard, my guitarist Joe stated that he felt inspired to get a photo of himself sans shirt, in leather pants with a boa around his neck in the Chateau before the tour was over. But with his shirt still on, we drove up to Bountiful, UT to put on a house concert in Krista Maurer's home (aka our tour manager).

She had the place decked out like a magical winter fairyland what with a doily-clad bunting, hanging gold stars and a wall wrapped in bright, red paper. People were squished in the living room like packing peanuts in a gift box, and believe you me, the evening truly was a gift. I left feeling ecstatic that my first show in Bountiful was sold out.

The next morning we headed up to Good Things Utah where we were interviewed about our "Winter Moon" music video with "puppet friends." The highlight? When my drummer Matt Mayhall acted as the puppeteer for Simon (left) and later confessed that he forgot to move Simon's mouth for him while he was talking. Perfect.

After our segment on Good Things Utah, we scurried over to Channel 2 News to sing a few Christmas songs.

The next night was a private concert hosted by Christian and Stephanie Nielson at The Great Salt Lake Guitar Company on Center St. in Provo. What an amazing little venue. I would definitely love to do some more shows there. The room sounds fantastic and it looks incredible with handmade guitars all over the walls. (And if you're still looking for a stellar Christmas present, one of their guitars would be a dream come true for your special someone).
But the best part of the evening was when CJane came up on stage with me to sing The Christmas Song and she basically peed her pants. Read all about it here.

Check back tomorrow for Christmas Tour Recap Part 2! You won't want to miss some amazing photography by Justin Hackworth, Jefra Starr Linn and Krista Maurer.

P.S. All photos by Krista Maurer except the last one, which was snapped by Mr. Christian Nielson.


  1. I hope you had the most wonderful time!!! I love you!!

  2. I got your Winter Moon cd 2 weeks ago and listen to it almost everyday on my walk.
    I love it!