Monday, December 5, 2011

Meet Joe, Jenny and Henry

Would you like to know who was doing all those crazy puppet voices in the Winter Moon music video? How about the person who plays all the guitars, banjo, uke, mando, bass and brass on my recordings? And that dude with the killer glasses who plays in many of my shows?

Ladies and gents: Meet Joe Corcoran.

Last Thursday, I flew down to L.A. to do a little set with Joe at an event called Art and Soul. It was a lovely evening in the Lily Kate showroom in L.A. where artists, photographers, fashion and jewelry designers gathered to show and sell their wares. Joe's sweetheart, Jenny Ewing was in charge of the whole deal and she did a fantastic job.

Our "stage." (Awesome red bunting, compliments of Dandee Designs).

Joe and Jenny were kind enough to let me stay in their guest bedroom. Their apartment is so lovely and artsy. It's the kind of living space you imagine a hip, young L.A. couple to inhabit.

In the morning, Joe chopped up some fresh mint and made me a warm cup of mint tea.
After which he cooked up some chilaquiles that were out of this world.

After breakfast, I took a the liberty to snap a few more photos around Joe and Jenny's Silver Lake apartment.

Let's not forget their wonder-dog, Henry.
Henry, hold still.

Hold still, Henry!!! (Ah, and look. Here's Jenny!).

Henry only has one eye. He got attacked by a German Shepherd when he was a baby.

After breakfast, we went for a walk around Silver Lake, stopping in at the darling shops. Doesn't Jenny look so beautiful?

Many thanks to J&J's B&B for putting me up.

But wait! There's more! This little video of Joe singing to little Henry will make your day. Enjoy "Henri le Chien."


  1. Sounds like a perfect event-
    What a sweet little puppy.
    Thanks for sharing-cute little song. =)

  2. AWESOME AWESOME!!! I love dogs! So cute! Loved the new music video! Mom and I are so excited to see your show in Provo on the 14th!!! Woot!

  3. Looks like a fabulous time! I wish your pictures were clear and the colors were focused though. The antique look makes it feel like I have blinders on and am missing something important.