Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Tour Recap: Part 2 (Provo and Pocatello)

I'm going to be honest with you about something. My show at Velour in Provo last week was my worst performance of the whole tour. It definitely had it's shining moments, but there were a few times where I felt like a competitive figure skater who just couldn't quite land that triple loop. No. Triple sau cow (it's more fun to say). But somehow, the Gods smiled upon me that evening. Perhaps they took pity. For lo and behold, not one, but three fantastic photographers showed up in the audience that night and captured some great shots. Velour is a magical venue and if you haven't been there, then you you should run to their next show.

13 year old Faith Johnson left everyone's jaw hanging wide open during her opening set. I've never heard anyone that young have such control over their voice and command so much attention.
Then Ryan Innes came out and KILLED IT. Oh man, every time that man opens his mouth to sing, the audience is spellbound.
I was so lucky to have such a fantastic band this tour. Joe Corcoran on guitar, Matt Mayhall on drums, and Spencer Harrison on bass. Thanks to our tour manager, Krista Maurer for these first three photos.

Jefra Starr Linn took these next three photos and man are they CUH-RAY-ZAY. As in crazy awesome. They feel so warm and bright and I just want to jump inside of them and swim around in the glow. As a side note, Jefra took the photo of me on the cover of Winter Moon. Thanks Jefra!

When tickets were up for sale for this show, I saw Justin Hackworth's name pop up under the ticket purchasers. "Excellent," I said in my best sinister voice, while tenting my fingertips a la Mr. Burns. I speed dialed Justin's number to see if he'd be willing to snap some photos for me and he was so gracious to oblige. I'm so pleased because I got some signature clean and classic photos from him. You can see a few more and read his words about the show on his blog. Thanks Justin!

The next morning, we hopped in the Chateau and drove up to Idaho State University in Pocatello, ID to do a show with the Teton Chamber Orchestra. Oh, how I love playing with an orchestra! I nearly cried several times throughout the show, singing with a shake in my voice to hold back the tears. The conductor, Eric Wenstrom, is such an amazing man and his scores are gorgeous. I'm completely dumbstruck as to how I would be invited to play with him and his musicians. But I thank my lucky stars for it, believe you me. (Thanks to Krista Maurer for these three photos with the orchestra).
The set design came together so beautifully. Thanks to Fauneil and Luhi Purcell for making my paper snowflakes! Here's how they did it.
Many thanks to Corey Fox at Velour and George Casper at Idaho State University for making these two shows possible.


  1. Loved your show in Pocatello! You look gorgeous in all of the pictures! Anytime you come to Idaho again I am going to be there! Love your music.

  2. If the show at the Velour was the worst on your tour I need to see you again. I thought it was a magnificent show!

  3. Mindy-
    You look so lovely in the photos.(Justin sure knows how to shoot them.) Looks like you're changing your hairstyle. I like it. And... I will NEVER get over the fact that I was ill the week of your concert and couldn't attend. I played your CD a whole bunch to make up for missing out. Merry Christmas to you and your sweet guys!

  4. Those are awesome photos! :) I'm a huge fan!! Sad I can never see your shows...ah well.

  5. Please come to Pocatello again and again! You were terrific!

  6. mindy, merry christmas!! i saw your cute pics over on justin's blog and had to come beg of you: who cuts your hair?!! i love the new little bob. it's darling and i am dying for new hair. wishing you a happy new year.

    xo. marta

    p.s. i saw you in idaho falls last year and LOVED every second of it. cried my eyes out too. you are touching our hearts left and right.

  7. Hi,
    Great ideas that I have never thought of-thank you!