Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Feel the Rhythm. Feel the Rhyme. C'mon Everyone, It's Concert Time!

Photo by Krista Maurer of Island Belle Photo

I have no idea why I'm channeling "Cool Runnings" right now. Maybe because Winter is upon us? Maybe because it's late and I'm delirious. Or perhaps because I'm going to sing a Jamaican tune at my next show. Who knows?

But the real reason for this post is to tell you that next week I'll be doing a string of concerts, performing songs from both Anchor and my new Christmas album, Winter Moon. I just might be coming to your town! See details below:
  • 12/12: Bountiful, UT // House Concert (limited seating) // 8:00 PM // For tickets, contact Krista at (801) 360-1235 or kristaqm@gmail.com
  • 12/13 Private concert hosted by The Nie Nie Dialogues
  • 12/14: Provo, UT // Christmas Concert at Velour Live Music Gallery // 135 N. University Ave. // 7:00 PM // Buy tickets now!
  • 12/15: Pocatello, ID // Mindy Gledhill Christmas Concert w/ the Teton Chamber Orchestra // ISU Stephens Center // Tickets or call the box office at (208) 282-3595
  • 12/16: Boise, ID // Christmas Concert to Benefit the International Rett Syndrome Foundation // The Rose Room // 718 W. Idaho St. // 7:00 PM // Tickets
  • 12/17: Kennewick, WA// Kamiakin High School Auditorium // 7:00 PM // Tickets
Even if you don't live in within 60 miles of any of these places, could I ask you a favor? Will you tell your friends that live near these cities about the shows? That would make me so very happy. Merry Christmas my friends.

P.S. If you can't come to a show and you want to listen to my new Christmas album, or give it as a gift, there is FREE SHIPPING on my website on all purchases, now through Christmas!


  1. don't ya want to come sing for us in las vegas some time? you can stay at my house? ;)

    p.s. i don't think i've enjoyed Christmas music like i have yours! so delightful!

  2. Spreading the word- Happy day-
    cool stage set up.

  3. CanNOT wait to hear your beautiful voice & see your gorgeous self at Teresa's Spring Event! :)

  4. No Seattle? I have a great place for you to perform. House style!!

  5. My daughter Emily and i are so excited that you're coming to the Tri-Cities. We got our tickets.. : )

  6. Wishing I were a little closer to Kennewick, maybe Portland will be in your line up sometime soon. Until then I can't wait to see you at Teresa's Spring Event in CA.

  7. If I had a picture like that of me I would use it as my Christmas card! That is a seriously killer shot.

  8. Excited to see you at Teresa's Spring Event in April !

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