Thursday, December 29, 2011

On the Road to Kennewick (Part 4 of the Christmas Tour Recap)

Behold! The chariot on the left in the photo below drove us from Utah to Washington and back again. Notice how it is appropriately entitled the "Chateau."

Here's what Life on Le Chateau looked like:

Regardez notre chauffeur, Monsieur Gledhill.

See Matt sit. See Matt read. See Matt wear a cool thrift store coat with a fur collar at the Chateau dining table.

Griffin was a champ aboard the Chateau. His disheveled perma-bedhead was the envy of all the band members.

By golly, I think it even rivaled Joe's stylishly unruly coiffure.

Spencer has mastered the art of baby talk.

We knew we were in Oregon when we saw a valley of fog below us.

Pendleton, OR was where we made our stop for lunch and boy was it awesome.

We ate at The Rainbow Cafe. Great little place. I recommend the tuna on sourdough.

Inside The Rainbow.

We stopped in at an amazing old junk shop on the main street in town. I bought some vintage shoes for $10. They had some fabulous finds in there.

Not much more than an hour north of Pendleton, we found ourselves in Kennewick, WA loading in our gear for the show. Our sponsor, Marilyn Lott, greeted us, fed us and made her magic happen to make the night the best it could be. Thanks Marilyn!

We discovered some pretty badical props backstage at Kamiakin High School Auditorium and put them to good use in our set design. But the fancy red bunting was custom made for me by none other than Washington's own Danyelle Mathews of Dandee Designs.

A special thanks to Krista Maurer for all of these killer photos. How lucky can a girl be to have a tour manager who is also a photographer?

And that concludes this year's "Christmas Tour Recap." Thanks a million to everyone who came to the shows! May you have a happy new year. Signing off.


  1. So sad to miss one of your shows. Someday dear friend, someday!!

  2. Someday I will make it to one of your concerts! Every time I visit Utah it seems to be when you are not touring. I can't wait to make it to one sometime! Thank you for your music and inspiration, Mindy.

  3. Dear Mindy-
    Everyday well almost everyday I google the youtube video of you and Rob Connolly's version of hourglass, and listen to it over and over again, anyway I can get a legit copy of that to play over and over?
    ps in case you are wondering I am Rob's sister-in-law and I already asked his wife if they had a copy

  4. Thanks Mindy, it was so great to see you again and the show was wonderful. Everyone there loved it! You are the best!

  5. Mindy it all looks like so much fun! I hope you come to Texas sometime!

  6. was so sad not to have been able to make this show! oh, the ways of sadness i cannot go into. but i was there in spirit, as we had you playing on the family stereo all night. :) glad to hear it was such a success. also delighted to see of your adventures in pendleton! that's where my mom lives, and its a place that's got its own tender spot in our hearts. :) happy new year!

  7. Hey Mindy,

    I recently discovered your amazing-ness, and am looking for sheet music for the song "Emma" you did. Is there any way to purchase it? I've been searching and searching and searching, and can't find it anywhere! It's such a beautiful song, and I would love to sing it.

    Thanks so much!

  8. Hi Mindy,
    You are awesome...I love your music.
    I purchased your Anchor album off of ITunes and was wondering if I could use one of the songs for my photography website I would credit the artist of course. Just wanted to ask first.

  9. Thanks Makaya! You can buy a license to use my music for your site at