Saturday, January 31, 2009

Concert Countdown Day 1: Meet Crazy Katie

Moving to the United States after living out of the country for a while can be a real shock to the system. Moving to Provo, UT can be a real shock anytime. At 16, I moved to Provo after having lived in Madrid, Spain for three years. Before that I had grown up on the north coast of California. I was so out of sorts culturally and had a very hard time relating to my American peers if I'm being honest. Meeting Crazy Katie in AP Spanish was a Godsend. She like me, had previously lived in a foreign Spanish speaking country as a mission president's daughter. We hit it off in no time and she has been one of my best friends ever since. Crazy Katie is a treasure among the women of the world. So unique, so independent, so "I don't give a rip what other people think of me." I love it. She has taught me how to let loose and really LIVE life to the fullest. When I first asked her if she would be a guest on my blog she basically said, "I'm anti-blog." Of course she is. She's Crazy Katie! But I somehow managed to squeeze this little gem of a post out of her. Maybe I'll convince Crazy Katie to do an advice column on here. Until then, I will have to let these words suffice:

I don't know anyone else who has a hammer collection. So if you do, please come forward! I don't collect dolls, stamps, coins etc.. I collect hammers. I have rescued ancient hammers from construction job sites and have been the lucky beneficiary of old tool boxes from grandparents and parents. Crazy?! Yes, and I love it!

I have learned a great deal about life from one of the world's founding tools. The hammer has never really been replaced, even in these modern days. Little do we know, we are each so irreplaceable, so important, and we each have contributed to the building of this beautiful human race. I ecstatically acknowledge Stephanie's life as she has single handedly built a world of inspiration for each of us!

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