Friday, January 23, 2009

Day 9: Meet Krista Maurer

Our guest today is one of my favorite people on this planet.  I first met Krista Maurer when I was signed to Lumen Records with Excel Entertainment.  She was my publicist for several years and has been one of the main directors for Shadow Mountain Music Group at Deseret Book for the last several years.  She, like an angel from heaven, recently called me up and offered to help out with this upcoming benefit concert.  "Will you be the executive producer?"  I asked.  "Done." she agreed without hesitation.  She was also responsible for the large success of the Nie Benefit concert in Mesa, AZ.  A dreamer, a writer, a painter, a poet, please indulge in Krista's beautiful thoughts on Nie:

Perhaps it was her love for silhouettes that drew me in, made me smile, and think
of my own childhood profiles that hang by my bed in my room:
(me at 5)

Perhaps it was her sisters,
who love her somethin' fierce,
that I,
with all my heart,
understood and related to.

Perhaps it was her utter adoration for all things mother/wife/& home
that stirred within me
the plans and hopes I keep for "someday,"
but carefully put away
(and don't usually acknowledge)
because it aches to not have them.

Perhaps it was her love affair
with a man named Mr. Nielson that
renewed my hope
that those kinds of stories really do exist...
and that maybe I can have one too.

Perhaps it was her color,
her flair,
her creativity that
awakened me to a remembrance of who I am
at my core.
That is--a creative being.

Perhaps it was the immediate and unquestioning aide
I saw pouring in from thousands of strangers,
who reached across boarders and oceans and religious lines in her behalf,
that fed my belief that humanity does still exist in this world of ours.
And in turn
ignited in me
a desire
to be more,
and do more,
for my fellowman.

Whatever the reason,
I can honestly say that I have been changed by her story.

-Krista Maurer