Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Day 4: Most Boring Post of the Week

So, I just met with the Thrillionaires to go over the details for our show. It turns out there aren't many details to go over when you're show is improvised so we just ended up making a goofy movie and eating oatmeal cookies. We all had pressing issues to attend to at home (like watching "Lost"). Now "Lost" is over, I'm tired and uninspired. This post is so super un-special it hurts. But this little tidbit of information is special: tomorrow (Friday), turn on the TV at noon, flip the channel over to Channel 2 News, and you will have a little surprise waiting for you. Then, go make a note in your calendar to check the front page of the Life and Styles section of The Daily Herald on Sunday. Next, go to and buy your family tickets to the Love for Nie Nie Benefit Concert. Finally, put on a happy face.


  1. Are you serious? There is absolutely NOTHING boring about a cookie of any kind! ♥♥♥

    Love the new blog!!!

  2. Tara! You are the first to leave a comment on my blog today. That means that YOU WIN A MILLION DOLLARS!!!! Just kidding. But it does mean that you boosted my ego. Way to go.