Saturday, January 24, 2009

Day 8: Meet Julianne Beasely Mitchell

It was 1997 when I moved to Provo as a Junior in high school. I first met Julianne Beasely in seminary. I did not know anyone and spent a lot of time observing people. Julianne was a cheerleader (hence, her close friendship with Nie) and beautiful cheerleaders can be a bit intimidating at times. But as I settled into the school year, I came to learn that Julianne was a really down to earth, kind and spiritual person. But most importantly, she was voted "best body" our Senior year. Those are the things that really count!

Ok, seriously. She approached me back in October before and volunteered to organize this whole concert. She has spent more hours than anyone else in making this event become a reality. Ladies and gentlemen, please put your hands together for Julianne Beasely Mitchell!

I have known Stephanie for almost 16 years now and I remember when we met like it was yesterday. Her ability to "not follow the crowd", yet still remain cooler than even the coolest in junior high and high school, still influences me today. She stuck to her beliefs and herself and didn't waiver, ever. I strive to be more like that still, she had it down when she was 12. Stephanie has always been a dear friend, a true friend; the type of friend who you could call on for a fun time and also for support. She listens. She always listens. She is an example to me as a wife, a sister, a daughter and a disciple of Jesus Christ. Shortly after I was married, I asked Steph for some advice about how to be a good wife, the kind of wife that she is and strives to be. "Serve your husband. Respect and honor the Priesthood he holds. Serve your husband." Her words have inspired me on a daily basis since she gave me this advice. Her ability to love life and to do what her heart tells her is an inspiration to me. I feel fortunate and blessed to know Steph and can call her a dear, dear friend. I have always admired her for her determination and devotion to being a woman who serves the Lord. I strive daily to live in a way that reflects the influence Stephanie has had on me for the past 16 years. I love you Steph.


  1. This says a lot for the parents that raised such an awesome group of adults. (Meaning the Clark's)