Friday, January 30, 2009


Last night my youngest was up at all hours with the stomach flu. My husband tossed and turned with a head cold. Did I sleep? No. Am I desperately tired? Yes. I say: BRING IT ON. I am going to raise money for this benefit no matter what the cost!!!  Are you with me???

Here I go, up to Salt Lake City to promote on Channel 2 at noon.  If you are just tuning into this story, or would like to know more details, Meridian Magazine has covered it today HERE as their featured article (thank you Erin).  This story will change you and make you want to give and give thanks.


  1. Oh Mindy, I'm so sorry! Let me know if I can do anything to help! Need a Diet Coke?

  2. Thanks Hailey! I think I need some sipping chocolate . . .

  3. Mindy
    I just happened to be tuned in today for the 12:00 news and who should I see...You! I thought your were great but I must admit I was a little taken back that the interviewers seemed to not be aware of the Nie Nie Story. It is the kind of news that we all need right now. The story of a family a communiity a nation the world all coming together and offering whatever they can to someone who gives us all more than they will ever know.