Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day, Glediator!

The Glediator, Sick Rock Climbing Skills in Rock Canyon

The Glediator is hot stuff.  Nevermind this picture was taken ten years ago when we were dating.  He's still as handsome as ever - and a true gentleman to boot.  

I don't think I've been an easy person to be married to.  I've followed a career path that attracts a lot of attention and involves being on stage and creating a fan base.  The ironic thing about that is that the Glediator has more talent in his left pinky than I do in my whole body.  He's just a lot more quiet about his abilities, never wanting to attract attention or be in the spotlight.

When we were first married he up and decided to start a furniture manufacture, designing, chopping down the timbers and building all the pieces himself.  It grew and it grew.  He eventually even invented and built machines that made the manufacturing more efficient.  I watched, envious, one night as he upholstered and sewed a leather/log sofa.  I'm sorry, but a man with muscle definition and sewing skills?  That's a fantasy come true.

How does he do these things?  He somehow just inherently knows.  He sold the furniture manufacture last year and started on his newest business venture - Element SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  Sound nerdy?  It is.  A man with muscles, sewing skills, and computer genius?  Double fantasy come true.  (Triple fantasy when he wears his glasses and reads Homer's Iliad).

I don't mean for this post to become a bragathon.  I don't mean to make it seem like we have the perfect marriage.  We don't.  We put up with a lot of junk from each other over the years.  Love doesn't usually come without fighting for it.  So today I celebrate the love that we have forged.  Happy Valentine's Day, Glediator!


  1. Sorry I ruined the suprise! Ry-you are awesome! I only pulled your hair because you were my favorite cousin! We had fun tonight, let's definitely do it again!

  2. Mindy,

    This is Camille Whetten Kenitzer, I knew you when our Jackson's were born 8 yrs ago at the BYU student ward. I found your blog and I am amazed at your talent! I love your album and hearing your daily musings of your life. You are awesome and I wish I got to know you better when I had the chance. Keep writing, I love it!

    p.s your boys are dangerously cute!

  3. Hi Camille! It's so great to hear from you! It sounds like you were just in Puerto Rico. Are you back in UT now? Thanks for your sweet message :-)

  4. Wow, love truly is blind. I think I came out of that post much better than I deserve. Everyone who know us is painfully aware that I married up... WAY up.
    I love you!

  5. Ha! Crazy Katie is blogging!!! It's a Christmas miracle!