Sunday, February 15, 2009

Music Biz Mondays: Snoop Minnie Min

Have you ever wondered what the insides of my nostrils look like?  I thought you might.  Wonder no further my friends.  The Glediator calls this "The Flare."  What?  Have I scared you away?  Has your perception of Mindy Gledhill the Lovely Singer crumbled in three seconds flat?  I'm sorry for any disappointment, but not all my photos are airbrushed and edited.  Yes, this is the same person:

Perception is a huge part of the music business.  It's a lot of fun creating illusions and selling them to people!  You should try it sometime!  Seriously, it is awesome and I LOVE this business.  But sometimes it can get tricky when you've been creating a perception so long that you start to fall for it yourself.  Then you feel let down when you don't measure up to the illusion.  I intend to always keep it real, you know?  Though not a Jessica Simpson fanatic, I think it's pretty cool how she has told the press to buggar off about her weight gain declaring, "I'm still beautiful!"  Way to go Jess.  

But this post is not really about Jessica Simpson.  It's about the music business and all of the sickly talented people that get to create these so-called perceptions.  Starting next Monday I will begin a series called Music Biz Mondays.  Anyone who wants to learn more about the music biz should stay tuned - fo shizzle. 


  1. I totally have The Flare, too. Knowing this just makes me love you more. Here's to being human!

  2. Hey
    I met you at the Nie concert in Provo. I don't know what exactly you want to measure up to. All I know is you are a beauty inside and out! me and both of my sisters said after the show that you are even more beautiful than your pictures...Keep creating that beautiful music.

  3. loved that post- I love the inside tidbits.

    We are in Texas, you might have clicked on my cousins blog ours is:

    I totally agree with the Jessica Simpson quote. You are awesome.

  4. Yes, but where did you get that dollar sign bling?

  5. Gerb: I'm glad to know I'm not the only one with The Flare
    Becca and Camille: Thank you!!!
    Hailey: I got my dollar sign from the Shane Company - it's solid gold. Are you jealous?