Monday, February 23, 2009

Tree Street Tuesdays: The Peach Patch

Mindy (left) and sister Marni (right) at The Peach Patch 1997

Normally on Tree Street Tuesdays, I would introduce you to someone new.  However, I was just too unmotivated tonight to make it happen.  Know the feeling?  Instead, I found some old pictures from The Peach Patch on Aspen Avenue from when I was sixteen.  My oldest sister, Marni (who was also pretty much my mother growing up) owned this home at the time.  My parents along with Lindsey and I (the two youngest) moved in temporarily while we transitioned back into life in the U.S.  Marni started to call the home "The Peach Patch" due to it's peach colored stucco exterior and also because it was a place where so many in our family bunked and hung out.  Two of my other sisters attending BYU already lived there as well, so we were one big happy family, all snug and doubled up in beds at the Peach Patch just like old times as chilens.

Marni is a magical, nurturing, matriarchal figure in our family.  She always has fun ideas and projects going for her kids.  One lazy afternoon that first summer in the Tree Streets, my sisters opened up the garage and pulled out boxes of vintage clothing.  We danced around the front yard and took pictures with Amy's mannequins.  Do you like how I censored this photo?  You're welcome.

"Posing at The Peach Patch" Baby Marin, Marni, Mindy Hank, Vicki, Lindsey

Here is a sneak peak into my bedroom upstairs.  I'm not quite sure what we were doing, but Crazy Katie and I are at it again.  Apparently my derriere was much larger back then.  Good grief!  Note the sweet little legs on the floor?  There were always little kids crawling around The Peach Patch; always either in a costume or nearly naked.

Crazy Katie (left), Mindy (right)

The Peach Patch wasn't some amazing custom home by any stretch.  Just your average stucco house with vinyl windows and a chain link fence.  Yet when  my mind wanders back to it, my heart is in my throat.  It's a reminder that any home (even my 1958 rambler with "church bricks") can be a place where love abides, art projects abound, laughter lingers, and kids can make memories that they'll one day blog about.  Enjoy your day!

"Piano at The Peach Patch" - Mindy (left), niece Sabrina (right)

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