Monday, February 9, 2009

Tree Street Tuesdays

Before the snow fell yesterday, I noticed little hints of bulbs pressing through the chocolate colored soil in the garden.  Spring in the Tree Streets is always anticipated with the same excitement of a four year old on the night before their fifth birthday.  Come Mother's Day, all chit chat revolves around the how-to's and what-nots of gardening.  

Not more than sixty years ago this land was still doused with fruit trees of every kind--apricot, pear, apple, peach, plum, cherry, hence the nick name "The Tree Streets."  Orchards spilled down from the mountainside up until the time it was developed in the Brady Bunch era.  Old-timers recall when 900 East was nothing but a dirt road.  There were only a few families thriving on this rugged mountain terrain--The Muhlesteins, Leichtys, Calders, and Taylors.  Descendants of these families still live here.  I spoke with Joan Muhlestein on the phone tonight.  She is the grand-daughter of Joseph and Alice Muhlestein who originally broke ground here in the late 1800s.  She still lives in their pioneer home on Old Willow Ln. and claims she will "stay there until she croaks." 

People move here and they never want to leave.  The Glediator has lived on four different streets in this neighborhood throughout his life.  I have lived on three since I met him here in 1997.  We have tried to move away, but somehow get drawn back every time.  I love the people who live here.  A significant part of the population teach or once taught at BYU.  Professors and scholars of every kind have been infiltrated into the grid.  Artists, writers, actors, musicians and the like seem to appear on every corner.  Our home on Cherry Ln. was previously owned by Newell Daley.  He penned "I Feel My Savior's Love" and taught trumpet lessons to a young Kurt Bestor in our study.  

I am delighted to introduce you to these dear friends and neighbors.  Starting next Tuesday I will begin a series called Tree Street Tuesdays by posting a weekly interview with someone from the neighborhood.  In fact, I have a few other series in mind.  Stay tuned for Musician Monday and Family Friday!  I think I might have an alliteration addiction . . .


  1. Mindy--My husband and I lived at 1177 Briar during his first year of BYU law. We had some of our happiest times there (conception of baby #1) and miss our neighborhood terribly. I'm just another adoring friend from afar, since I've never met you or Nie personally, but I am so thrilled that Nie is being cradled beautifully in the boughs of those tree streets. Thanks for all you do to support this family, and for the beautiful music you make like magic.

  2. mindy ... so fun to chat tonight ... now get off the computer!

    alright alright! i will too. (maybe)


    anyhow ... let's find a project we can work on together again SOON!

  3. Ha! Krista, you just earned serious points for leaving me a comment!

  4. I love that you Mentioned the Muhlesteins. My Great Grandpa and Grandma lived there. I have heard so many stories from my dad and uncles about all the fun they had playing at their grandparents house. I lived on cedar ave for a few years and loved to hear the stories from all our neighbors that knew my great grand parents. It is a great place to live!

  5. Hi lurker here. :) (Or blurker as it is called in the blogging world) I'm so glad that you feel the magic of living in that neighborhood! My grandparents (Mariam and Dale West)- and yes, my grandpa was a professor at the Y) lived on Cherry Ln (they built their house)- and when they passed, the family had such a hard time thinking about selling the home where we all enjoyed spending many holidays and summer vacations. My parents decided to sell their home in Murray and buy the home on Cherry Ln. over a year ago. It is still one of my 'happy places' to go to. Thanks for sharing this post with all of us!

  6. Wow, I didn't know you lived right there. I wonder if you're in my brother's ward. They live in the house his father-in-law grew up in. What a cool area.

    Anyway, I love your music, and your blog is so fun- love that you're blogging more now :)

  7. I love all of your comments about the Tree Streets. Feel free to tell me your friends' and family members' names. I might just know them.