Sunday, February 22, 2009

Music Biz Mondays: Meet Kendra Lowe

Right now, I imagine that Kendra Lowe is scurrying around her basement apartment with a pic forked through her bangs (for volume of course).  Clothes are strewn across the room, a suitcase open on her bed, fancy shoes tossed inside, and her pink rhinestone studded iphone is ringing off the hook.  Tomorrow she will catch a plane to kick off the David Archuleta tour as keys player and the musical director of his band.  Way to go Kendra.  That's not too shabby of a gig.

Kendra seems to magically attract celebrity personalities into her life.  She has toured with Donny Osmond and last year alone, she worked side by side with Grammy winning producer, Rudy Perez (Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, Il 
Divo) and Grammy winning writers, The Underdogs (soundtrack to Dreamgirls).  How does she do it?  PRACTICE.  Did you hear that, kids?  Kendra established a deep and abiding discipline for practicing her crafts at a very early age.  When she was three she began violin lessons.  By the time she was six, she was playing with the Utah Symphony and added piano to her studies that same year.  Somewhere along the line (probably when her family had a performing show in Branson) she picked up the banjo as well.  Sickening?  I know.  She sings too, people - REALLY well.  You should hear her sing jazz.  Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention that she's an award winning dancer.

Kendra and Mindy messing around downtown SLC

There's no possible way I could list all of the accomplishments on Kendra's resume.  I've concluded that she could kick the Energizer Bunny's can to kingdom come any day with all that she has done in her young lifetime.  But this isn't what she would want me to talk about.  She's not one to toot her own horn or drop names - so I pretty much just did it for her.

Kendra has been on stage nearly all her life.  Sometimes her confidence can intimidate those who don't know her.  But if you know the Kendra that I know, you would agree that she is an incredibly giving individual.  Indeed, if you know Kendra she has probably baked you pumpkin bread, peppermint bark, or homemade truffles.  It's likely she has raised money for your charity, taught your kids piano lessons or called you up out of the blue just to say, "Hey, I've been thinking about you."  She credits God for any talent she has and she strives to use those talents to bless His children.  

Stay tuned every Monday to learn more about unique and interesting music personalities.

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