Monday, June 22, 2009

El día del padre


You turn my heart to mush.  I love everything about you from your tube socks, to your Vitalis-sprayed coiffe.  Your arms feel like the safest place on the planet.  I got all my athleticism, competitive spirit, business savvy, linguistic skills, olive skin, and signature nose from you.  You've given your whole life in service to God and to your fellow man.  You take care of your body by playing sports and eating well.  (I still tell my friends that you were in the Senior Olympics!)  Even more impressive is the fact that you have always made spirituality a number one priority in your life.  I am inspired by your generosity towards those in need (which also includes me.  He he he.)  You hold Mom in the highest regard and have never so much as glanced at another woman.  Never have I seen someone so happy to douse a lousy meal in ketchup and savor every bite.  Now THAT is a skill!

I adore you, Papa.  Happy Father's Day!


Minnie Girl


  1. Thanks for sharing you dad with hundreds of missionaries in Spain. I have such fond memories of him. He is a great man!
    ~Aimee(aka Hna. Flores, 94-96)