Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tree Street Tuesdays: A Birthday in the Tree Streets

Yesterday my firstborn son turned eight years of age.  With every ollie, every hatchet kick, and every stroke of his paint brush, he makes his mother tear up over the beautiful person he is becoming.  Birthdays are more of a week long celebration in our family.  We celebrated with a BBQ dinner on Sunday and a cake by Anne that would knock your socks off.  Yesterday we lit the half - eaten cake and had yet another party.  Later this week, we'll have all of his rambunctious friends over for more mutilated, week-old cake and a rockin' birthday bash.

Anne Eggertsen of Anne's Cake Creations lives in the neighborhood.  I go to her every time I need something extraordinary whipped up for a special occasion.  The thing about Anne, is that all of her cakes look so artistic, you can't imagine they would taste like a delicious, homemade butter-creamy cake.  BUT THEY DO.  Oh, how I wish they did not.  Please understand that I am an advocate of holistic living and consuming foods that are healthy for the body.  But Anne's cupcakes are a special treat now and then.  I once ate one that was two weeks old.  I hid it up high in my kitchen cupboard for a moment when I might need it.  It was still awesome.  

When I went over to Anne's to talk about my idea for a skateboard cake for Jackson, she was working on this little creation:

This is not a toy (ok, maybe the Barbie is plastic).  It's a dad gum cake!

Anne makes beautiful wedding cakes too.  If you haven't already clicked on the links, I'll give you one more chance here.


  1. I have to agree! Anne made my wedding cake and did an awesome job. It was delicious, too.



  2. Oh my gosh, Alisa, that cake is a beauty!

  3. what a great advertisement for anne!!! that is amazing. jackson sounds like such a wonderful person!

  4. Happy birthday Jackson! Awesome cake! My mouth just waters reading about it! Yum is right!