Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Anchors Away

The release concert for "Anchor" was magical. Thanks so much to all who came. I could just kiss you. Today will be magical too because "Anchor" sets sail in stores and on iTunes. Hurry, go buy it on iTunes here! Then, come back and look at these beautiful photos that my friend, Justin Hackworth took of the sound check and concert at the Covey Center.

If you want to buy the actual album (which you should because the design by Jed Wells and the photography by Wendy Whitacre are both amazing), then you can pick up a copy (or order online) at Deseret Book stores in UT, ID, CA, & AZ, or select WalMart, Best Buy, Borders and Barnes & Noble stores.

And now, I give you, the sound check:

I came to know and love Stuart Maxfield (of Fictionist), who played banjo, acoustic guitar, electric guitar and ukulele for me.

Rod Elwood created a set design and lighting display that made me want to die and go to Heaven. Thanks Rod!

Joe Anderson is my favorite sound guy on the planet. Love this guy.

Bart Olson, knocked it out of the park on drums.

Alex Aponte plays a mean bass, but he's the sweetest guy you'll ever meet.

Sorry to break it to you, but I think I had way more fun at sound check than in the real show.

Look! It's Justin Hackworth!

Backstage hugs.

Stephanie Nielson and I take the motorized couch for a test drive.

I love these sisters.
Thanks to CJane (my title sponsor!) and Stephanie for being the best hostesses!

Krista Maurer is the brain I never had.
She coordinated the whole event and makes the world go 'round when no one is watching.

Meet my twin brother, Matt Mattson. He originally wasn't going to be able to make the show, but he got out of filming "Unicorn City" for one night and surprised me. I love him to pieces.

And now . . . let the show begin!
(That's my trusty guitarist, Spencer Harrison in the background).

Improv comedy group, The Thrillionaires, were hysterical!

This picture of Jake Suazo and Matt Mattson is my favorite one of the whole night.

The crowd was awesome.

The highlight of the whole night was Jacob Jones' hair.

And the evening wouldn't have been complete without singing "I Do Adore" as the encore. Thanks for the amazing time!
Go get the songs NOW!


  1. It looks like it was a spectacular show! Cannot wait for the AZ concert! :)

  2. yay yay yay! i'twas a fantastic night, wasn't it? :)

  3. I thought you were kind of kidding when you said he was your twin brother! I bet that was a nice surprise, though, when he showed up! The concert was truly fabulous!

  4. so awesome, you need to perform in Toronto one day! You have a fan club here!

  5. Congratulations on a successful concert and CD launch!

    Your link to Deseret Book doesn't work. (You need to take out the www.) 10% off the newest CD now, so people better hurry! :)

  6. Hi Mindy. I'm sure our love for the concert was obvious when we kept bugging you for pictures afterwatds! Loved your music for years. So fun to hear you live after listening to cds for so long! Your voice was just as pure, too. You have an amazing talent. Unlike the others, we actually purchased your sheet music, but discovered it was left in the hotel room (along with some posters you signed)after our 5 hour trip home. Ugh! My daughter is devastated. Would love to purchase more, if possible! Thanks for the fantastic show!

  7. Um, I'm in love with your brother, Matt, platonically of course. He was my favorite Thrillionaire guy :) I am glad I was in town (drove from Seattle) to hear you live (beautifully sung) and desire your new CD (already have the old one) on my iPod/iPhone. Catchy music and ADORED your dress!!!

  8. Darn! I'm so sorry about your sheet music! Email me which music it was and your address to

    Also, there is something I must clarify to everyone: I too am in love with Matt Mattson and he is not really my twin brother.

    Thanks for all the comments about the show!

  9. oh, please please please do something in Europe. You know I won't be in Qatar anymore, I'm moving to the Netherlands. Yes, that is right...the gateway to Europeola!

    I'm so happy that you are done with your new album, it is downloading onto my computer as I type! I'm so excited!!

  10. Hi Mindy, downloaded your new album from Itunes yesterday. What a wonderful musical gift to the world! Lovely, fun, beautiful, hopeful, touching musicality. Thank you for all your hard work! Anchor has brought an extra ray of sunshine to our Seattle summer :)

  11. I am inspired by you. Not only by your music (I bought the new album today and absolutely adore it) but by you and your story, your attitude, your ability to dream, and make your dreams come true.

    Best of luck,

    Erika Takahashi

  12. It was a fun show . . . Thanks for putting it on! I've played violin on that stage. I love so many of your more lds tunes. I love listening to your recordings of "I Will Rest in You," "Small Enough," "Child of Light," & the one about Emma Smith. But, last yr a friend introduced me to, "Garden Walls," & I listened to over & over again. I loved it! The poetry was excellent. Thank you, Jackie

  13. Mindy - amazing performance! Even though I was there and experienced it first hand, I love the pictures you've posted here from behind the scenes and the concert as well.
    My girls and I fell in love with Matt that night.

    I hope it's ok with you guys, but we had to video tape the humorous improv! I've posted it on my blog if you want to go watch it for old time sake and fall in love with Matt all over again. :)

  14. I bought your CD yesterday at Deseret Book and I love it! It was fun to hear 10 of these songs at your concert and then to listen to them on the CD. It's my new favorite CD! :)

  15. Yeah, that would be on Saturday, since Deseret Book isn't even open on Sunday! ;)

  16. Mindy!

    Just got the album today and listened to it all the way through during my morning routine.

    What an amazing display of GROWTH and GREAT MUSIC! I was bobbin my head and making up extra harmonies on my drive back home. It's such a departure from "Feather," but in such a wonderful way. Truly another masterpiece from a master singer/songwriter. CONGRATULATIONS!

    All the best,
    P. Murray

    PS - As a Colombian, the Spanish version of "Anchor" brought tears to my eyes. Simply beautiful...

  17. Sorry to leave ANOTHER comment. I just left a review on Amazon's and Deseret Book's sites. They're nothing special, but I really wanted to share my 2 cents. And I think everyone needs this CD! It's so fun! And now my kids love it too. Yay for your music! :)

  18. What a great night!! And I have to say I love love LOVED that dress you wore. You have such an unique style. Where do you get your dresses?

  19. Thanks Melissa! I get my dresses from thrift or vintage clothing stores :-)

  20. Okay I've got an anecdote for you. My friend Steven is kind of really obsessed with you. Like for real. He never stops singing your praises and tried FOREVER to get me to listen to you. And, nothing personal, but I refused to. Just to give him a hard time. But then my other friend Suz bought your album and was playing it in her car so I had no choice but to listen to it and oh. my. goodness. I have been missing it. Adore You is beyond fabulous! It's my favorite! Also, your thank yous on your album cover were HILARIOUS and so entertaining to read! You seem to be good at everything Ms. Gledhill!

  21. k, so i pretty much LOVE your song anchor!!!!!! i listened to it for the first time just yesterday, and absolutely Loved it!! thanks for being such a good musician and person! you are so beautiful, and i love all your songs! they are so unique! i love your outfits too! i'm a big fan of wings and converse!


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