Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Thank You!

Photo courtesy of Jenni Gudmundson

You know who's awesome?


All 500 of you that came to my release concert last night.

With every concert, I learn new things and last night was undeniably a great learning experience for me, especially with it being the first show and all. But, I thought it went really well and I'm so glad that you were there to share that experience with me. I loved talking to you and meeting many of you for the first time after the show. Thank you so much for your support. You make it possible for me to continue to record music and today I am feeling so grateful for that.

A big thanks to Justin Hackworth for taking photos of the event, which will be up soon. Also, thanks to Bella's Fresh Mexican Grill, The Italian Place and Rooster for feeding the crew! And thanks to the ever hilarious and lovely CJane for being the title sponsor of the whole event. (And if you haven't seen the video we made on the motorized couch yet, then your life is not complete.) And didn't she and Nie Nie do such a good job as the hosts?

Whoa. Can't forget to thank Rod Elwood and sons for the UNBELIEVABLE set design and lighting and Joe Anderson is the best live sound engineer in all the land.

Also, I'm sure you noticed that my store looked so RAD. That was the work of the famous Margie Romney Aslett. I'm so excited to work with Margie at the upcoming Spark Event, which you must attend if you are a woman and you enjoy creating things! (I'll be speaking and singing. Check it out here: www.sparktheevent.com).

Thanks for all the donations towards Provo's cultural arts! Don't forget to come to the free rooftop concert on September 10th, featuring Brooke White and Benton Paul!

Sending my love to you all.


P.S. I am in love with all the Thrillionaires. Go see their show at The Velour next Monday!


  1. Mindy - I was able to attend your concert last night and it was just fantastic. I loved everything about it! You sounded so great live! Thanks for the great music! :)

    I didn't wait in the long line to purchase some sheet music, is there anywhere that I can still buy it?

  2. My husband and I had a great time last night! We sat right behind Justin Hackworth, about five rows from the stage. We thoroughly enjoyed The Thrillionaires' performance and it was fun for me to see Cjane and Nienie in person after reading their blogs for quite awhile.

    Your music is so upbeat and fun! My husband has an Internet radio station full of music like Lenka sings and he was happily surprised to find out that your music is of the same genre. I think he enjoyed it much more than he thought he would. Thanks for the wonderful performance! :)

  3. I took my mom and sister, who are now your newest fans. You were fantastic! I am so happy I was there. I plan to blog about it... (P.S. We listened to the new CD the whole way home, and we loved laughing at the Thrillionaires. The rooftop concert series will be so amazing too.)

  4. Such an incredible concert! I attended with many of the women in my family, 4 of us who left new baby boys and home and were in tears during the song "Hourglass". We have been listening to your new CD all day and I just love it! Great idea to team up with the Thrillionaires. We were all laughing so hard and my face hurt from smiling. Thank you for sharing your talent with all of us and your success with Downtown Provo City!

  5. Hey, Mindy! I was sitting in the fifth row from the stage, and I was so excited! My friend was way excited, because she's a long-time fan. She was absolutely ecstatic about all of your performances. Thank you SOOOOO much for sharing your talent-it's nice to have some music that I'm not worried about swearing, any 'bad beats', or any suggestive lyrics. I LOVE you! Thank you thank you thank you! I would like to purchase some 'Anchor' sheet music, do you know where I could get some? I also blogged about you! (www.exoticpetstore.blogspot.com)

  6. LOVED every minute of the concert! the set was incredible! i bought the cd and a tshirt! i loved the decor there, thought it looked like margie's touch! it was all beautiful. i'm only kicking myself for not being able to meet you! we've talked via email before but never in person. i'm sure you get this all of the time.... but i'm going to say it anyways. you are truly one of my favorite artists, always have been. your music is inspirational and you as a person are truly inspiring. i wish so badly i could go to spark! i talked to liz about it, because i was there last year- but i'm not sure it's going to be able to happen this year! :( i'm still hoping to find a way! keep your fingers crossed for me! thanks for such a great show last night! xo

  7. mindy,

    i think it's so cool that you talk to your fans! it shows how good a person you are! big fan!!!! wish i could have been at the concert!