Monday, August 16, 2010

Singin' the Burnout Blues


Remember when I used to blog about stuff?


Me neither.

This is a picture of me on day twelve of not doing my hair or putting on any makeup. That's right. I've been singin' the Burnout Blues. Wait. What? That happens to you too? You see, my little heart wants to race marathons around the world over and over again, but then the reality of my physical body says, "Nope." And then it screams "CUT THE CRAP, GLEDHILL!!!" even louder when I push it past its limits. I've learned to listen to my body when it speaks. So, I'm just going to take one last vacation before the summer ends and then sign up again for a few marathons. For now, I'm interested to know what your most tried and true ways for handling burnout are. Pray tell.


  1. go get a facial and a massage at the best spa in town

  2. Keep in mind everything you've accomplished in the past while. Not just the things that everyone else sees, but things that are important to you that you've been able to do in every aspect of your life.

    Setting very high goals for yourself is a good thing, but no one can do everything, and certainly those goals can't be accomplished all at once. Taking a bit of time to reflect as you are able to come close to- and reach- individual goals will just help you accomplish the next one, at the right time.

    ...and now, I must make a sincere attempt at taking my own advice!

  3. do it! book now! a facial and massage, kicks my burnt out blues to the kerb every time.

  4. I go somewhere. I think a vacation is a grand idea. Right now I'm in burnout in my new country...looking for a suitable family house right now is like pulling baby teeth from a grownup mouth - nearly impossible. All the good houses were taken a few weeks before we got here and I have to choose out of what is left - all the weird ones. And by weird I mean like tubs at the foot of your bed weird...I know one night I'm going to wake up drowned...err...well I guess I wouldn't wake up! Or ovens so small I can barely fit my hand in there - how am I supposed to feed my family?!?! Sigh...I'm thinking about getting in my car and going to should come with me. Seriously, you can always come visit me in Holland. Get on a plane now!!!

  5. Or I do something anonymously make a donation or research a really cool organization...your friend 'is this REALLY my life?" looks to have a topic worth researching and attending. You should def get a ticket and go!

  6. A mug of green tea and a favorite pillow. :)

  7. Pay your kids each a few quarters to give you a scalp massage...

  8. Just be good to yourself. Eat some chocolate, take naps, a massage- whatever sounds good to you. Then after you have done something for yourself- do something for someone else. I promise it will cure your blues! Take care!

  9. I love you BTW, your voice is so beautiful, you make me want to go back to voice lessons and sing my heart out.
    Anywho, I love to create something, sew something, bake, make a yummy meal, take some cool pictures, craft something, or just get a new pack of colored pencils and a coloring book and color, and you can do any or all of these while watching or listening to the A&E version of "Pride and Prejudice". Oh, my all time favorite. Or you could read the book, The Remarkable Soul of a Woman.
    Good luck!

  10. Have you tried listening to your CD? :)

  11. We at love us some mindy gledhill music!!! Seriously I was so excited when I saw you just released your new CD, I went and got it from itunes. I love the sound. Anyhow, when I need a refresher I (in no particular order):

    -go on a walk in the dark with my hubs
    -play with my kids and get crazy, chase, tickle, and toss them around until they laugh really hard
    -listen to "back to where you are" full blast, by myself in my car
    -craft something
    -make something out of something old or ugly and make it pretty
    -mountain biking
    -rollarblading with me and my ipod
    -lay in my cold basement and enjoy the silence
    -listen to a conference talk
    -go to the ocean (when I can get there from Utah)
    -read a good book

    You are amazing!!!! I have always loved your music. I am a singer/songwriter, not professional or anything and I love your voice, lyrics and love the new sound on the album, and the pictures, DARLING!!!

  12. Wow...who would think someone as amazing as you gets burned out??? :) I would take a beach vacation...or have a spa day. Either one...and then I just take the time I need. I lounge in jammies, let the laundry pile up, have cereal for dinner...until I feel a little better.

    I just found your song "All About Your Heart." I could have sworn you wrote it for my beautiful daughter. Abby is ten and was born with a congenital heart defect. She has had two open heart surgeries and has more surgeries to come. She is the most amazingly beautiful little girl and the chorus as well as the entire song fit her so perfectly!!! Thank you for capturing my little heart girl in a song!

    I hope you feel "better" soon!

  13. Listening to your new music gets me happy and going!

    My hubby and I just had a little "stay-cation" minus the kiddos. That seemed to really recharge me! We used priceline to get a fancy schmancy 4-star hotel on the cheap and we hung out at the pool the whole time(with virgin pina coladas!!).

  14. Okay, so I love Vern's comment... :)

    When I'm crazy stressed/burned out, I...

    *Find time for a girls night. There's something about the combination of non-stop talking, good food, and chick flicks that just equals relief
    *Go to the temple
    *Laugh. It doesn't matter why - just find something!

    Take some time to think about your top priorities. Focus on these things first. The less important tasks will either wait for you or resolve themselves. Saying no is a blessing sometimes. One last little thing: I can't imagine this NOT bringing at least a moment of joy and relaxation - dance with your boys! Put on your favorite song and have a dance party in the living room. Sounds like a good excuse to act kinda goofy! :)

  15. Question. I hear a song all the time on FM100 that I love, but can't find anywhere. I think it's called "More than the world." I figured you would know where I could find it, ya know...since you sing it...and stuff.

  16. When I get burnt out I try to just remember that life has cycles...being burnt out is just one of them. Sometimes its just a time of needing to reset. I'm not sure that exactly the same thing works every time. I have been able to make it through with good books sometimes and solitude, and other times big parties with friends help get me through. Then other times i've had to lose myself in doing things for others. Every funk has a different cure. Sometimes all I need is to listen to loud music while laying on the floor with my eyes closed. Something that takes me out of my world. Soon enough it will cycle around and you will feel back to normal, or maybe a new normal will be created :)

  17. Hang out in my pj's watching movies on the couch with my kids for a couple days. Or chick flicks, or older movies like Sound Of Music or Mary Poppins.
    Glad to see it happens to other people too! BTW I LOVE LOVE LOVE all your dresses in your pictures, where do you find such cool pieces? they fit you perfectly. I love your style!

    I've told you I love your CD right? LOVE IT!

  18. I like to do something nice for someone. Service always makes me feel better. I really love to visit the elderly in the care centers and retirement homes. They LOVE company and I ALWAYS leave with a huge smile on my face and my heart overflowing.
    I do love the beach too. It's my favorite place to go and relax.

  19. Let me introduce myself. I'm a person who so loves your music & so loves your sister--my beautiful friend Angi. No solutions or suggestions from me. Our natures are all SO different such as going on vacation when I'm burned out would cause me to feel even more burned out, yet be the energizing solution to someone else. The most important thing I want to say is THANKS for being so real. What a breath of fresh air to read a post like this from a celebrity like you. Most celebrites who go a thousand miles an hour (my perspective of the way you operate from reading your blogs is that's what brings joy to you MOST of the time) don't show this side of themselves. Burnout for the majority often manifests itself in other scary ways that harm not only themselves but their loved ones. But you're just bein' straightup from the get-go callin' it like it is. And in my opinion that is what makes you a lot more healthy than you feel right now.

    My daughters & I love reading about your humanitarian work, your children in other countries & listening to your music!

  20. Mindy,
    I love your new album!
    Is there a place I can purchase the alternate version of 'all about your heart'? The one they put on mormon messages?

  21. girl, you have a right to be burned out for a little minute or two....or five or even five thousand and twenty six!!!!
    Your album is amazing!!!....we, (my girls and I) have been listening to it none stop and then humming it in our heads! Does that happen to you too? Thanks again, and just relax and enjoy!

  22. been loving your new album!!

    So excited to have you our Spark event...!!


  23. Love, love, love your new album. Our whole family is singing through the day to your music. On the way to school for the first day, your CD was what was requested and to our dismay it was missing from the car. My daughter so sweetly asked me to please have it in the car for the ride home.
    Thanks for sharing your talent- you deserve the recovery time!