Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Minnie May Fox

Lately a lot of ladies have been asking me where I get my dresses from. The truth is, almost all of my dresses are from thrift stores or vintage clothing stores. The one on my album cover was a find from a vintage clothing boutique in Burbank, CA called "Hubba Hubba." However, should you choose to visit, prepare yourself for the colorful personality of the owner. I'm fascinated by this woman and was quite entertained by her. But read the reviews and decide for yourself. (Juicy side note: I met one of Hugh Hefner's girlfriends while I was in the store.)

Anywho, I love to hunt for cool dresses and my favorite places to find them are at Decades in Salt Lake City, and Nevin's Thrift Store in Mt. Pleasant, UT. If the dress doesn't fit right (which it often doesn't), then I take it in to Lady Danburry on 55 N, University Ave., in Provo, UT. She has altered a bazillion thrift store finds for me and she does such a great job for a sweet price.

Meet Lynnette Danburry.
(Only her last name really isn't Danburry. She is married to indie artist, Drew Danburry, and that is his stage name. When I asked her what her real last name was, she giggled and said,

"I'm not allowed to tell."

I find that to be insanely romantic.
I mean, stage names for you and your husband and no one else can know your real names?
Mine would be Minnie May and my husband's would be Rabid Fox
(not sure why he picked that out).
But that's cool with me, because then I'd be:
Minnie May Fox
and that sounds awesome.

Lynnette makes super cool purses and clothing. You've got to go check out her little shop.

What would your stage name be?


  1. worked in radio for years. my stage name was bailey blue. part of me will always will .bb. (:

  2. Magpie Campbell

    BTW, you always look so cute!!

  3. Can i just be Passionista? Because I love it!

    Also Mindy dear, I've been listening to your album so much since it came out, my children and I all know the lyrics by heart. I've been thinking about your upcoming tour, and have been hoping [and praying] for a stop near my area. We have a little venue called The Red Room in Kennewick, WA where some great artists [Josh Ritter, Horse Feathers, Grand Archives] have stopped in to play at!

    Maybe, just maybe, you could stop in there too! I would personally do all I could to promote that show if it was scheduled.

    a loyal fan in Tri-Cities, WA,
    Marilyn Lott

  4. Kymber Duck... it's the only thing I could think of and it's been my nickname for 37 years from my daddy! =) My hubby would say "Hot Momma" (he sets up my fantasy football team with that as the name... *blush* giggle-giggle). Will you get anywhere in Florida on a tour - my family would love that? I was recently (July) in SLC/Logan, UT and listened to your music a lot while there. We lost my 5 yr old nephew due to bike/car accident in Logan in the beginning of July and your music truly has helped me heal from this devastating tragedy in more ways than i could possible explain on this comment section. Thank you for your songs Mindy... so much.

  5. We play this game at our house -- take the name of your first pet and the street your parents lived on when you were born -- that's your stage name. Mine is Dutchess Melbourne, thank you very much.

    So looking forward to meeting you at Spark! I want a ride on that sofa!

  6. i love lynette!! i'm actually friends with a few of her cousins and her entire FAMILY is adorable.