Sunday, May 29, 2011

Antelope Island

Over the weekend, my husband and I took our boys to Antelope Island. Sometimes I crave world travels so much, but I forget the treasures right here in my backyard. This little gem of an island is located on the Great Salt Lake in Utah and is home to many wonders of nature.

Fuzzy flakes drift down from the Willows like down feathers. The boys play pretend in a grove of trees, blanketed in white.

We have a staring contest with a baby owl.

Every Memorial Day weekend, an old, retired ranch on Antelope Island is the perfect backdrop for a cowboy poetry festival.

We cap off the day by getting very close to some buffalo grazing on the hillside. Now I am trying to remember all of the other beauties in my state that we can visit soon. Summer plans are churning around in my head. Timpanogos Caves? Lake Powell? Moab? Goblin Valley? What am I missing out on?


  1. I have yet to visit Antelope Island but I'd love to do so. Maybe this summer (before it actually gets hot). :)

  2. my husband's great great great grandfather was sent to AI by Brigham Young to settle it. He built the first structures, dug the first well, and ranched there the rest of his life. So it feels kind of special to us. We need to make a trip's been too long (since childhood for my husband. He's been tied up with medical school and intern year since we moved to Utah and we haven't gotten out there.) So happy you enjoyed it.

    One thing I've never done that so many people have is going to Lake Powell. A houseboat would be my fantasy realized, but even just going there for a few days without one would be really amazing.

    Bear Lake is a great, reasonably close place to visit.

    Something I need to research and find more out about is a really cool park somewhere in Utah County (seems like it might be up near American Fork or Alpine vicinity) that is just crazy awesome fun for kids. Was there a castle at it or something? I have googled and can't find it right now...but want to figure it out and take my kids there for a picnic and some fun.

    There's a Tree House Museum in Ogden that I've been enchanted by, too. Haven't been, but want to go.

    There's some rooftop concert this Friday night in Provo that I'm looking forward too as well...can't wait to get there! ♥

  3. You passed the future location of Chloe's Sunshine Playground. The island is definitely part of my stomping grounds, glad you experienced it! It's true, you don't have to go far in Utah to find someplace lovely to explore!

  4. Bear Lake! You must come to Bear Lake and eat a famous raspberry shake :)

  5. Snow Canyon near Santa Clara....SO beautiful!