Thursday, May 12, 2011

Dear Idaho Falls . . .

A special thanks to Krista Maurer of Island Belle Photography for these lovely photos.

Dear Idaho Falls,

It's a good thing that I love the retro vibe of the Civic Auditorium so much. It's a good thing that the Teton Chamber Orchestra is so rad. It's a good thing that more than 1,000 of you came to the show. It's a good (miraculous, really) thing you bought every last CD I had. It's a good thing that you had so much energy and were one of the best crowd's ever. It's a good thing I had so much fun and that I love you, because on my drive home the next day, the engine in my Dodge Ram seized and I had to abandon it, plus my trailer somewhere north of Malad. Then, two days later, our one working car died in a parking lot. But you, Idaho Falls, YOU, are worth it and more! Seriously, thank you so much for making the evening so magical for me. I'm really looking forward to coming again!

Hey look: this is a good profile shot of my belly.

The set and lighting by Jay McGregor were once again, breathtaking.

The Teton Chamber Orchestra? Also breathtaking.

Jay Tibbitts on the drums, ROCKED my world. Yes he did.

Andrew Burton on bass is a big sweetie pie. I had girls emailing me about him afterward.

And Joe Corcoran is a champion on guitar. I can always count on him to deliver.

Some may scoff, but secretly, they are jealous of my Yamaha keytar.

Some may scorn, but really, they wish they could wear wings just once in their lives.
And I hope they do.


  1. Okay, that is just crazy! But I am so glad Idaho Falls was an amazing event. I love the photos, especially your wings. :)

  2. Hi Mindy :) I've never been jealous of Idaho Falls until now. Hopefully Michigan will get to see you soon. My heart is touched by your fabulous, dreamy music and moved deeply by your lyrics. LOVE All About Your Heart, especially your lyrics on the butterfly and the cocoon... and now I see you've sprouted wings!! Lovely. Please do stop by sometime and visit my Monarch page when you have the time... I think you will enjoy! Blessings to your precious new love.

  3. Mindy,
    HOLY SMOKES: I want that Keytar! they are on my list of favorite instruments, along with drums, cellos, and saxaphones!

  4. You are adorable AND stunning! I just love your music. Congratulations on all of your accomplishments. This is only the beginning I'm sure!! BTW.. i'm sure you're covered, but I saw on your website that you are quite popular over in Korea. My 26 yr. old super cute, bubbly sister served a mission in South Korea and then because her Korean is so phenomenal was hand picked to study a semester over there when she returned to college. She has been asked to translate for church authorities and tested out of Korean classes at BYU. She just graduated with a BA in business management from UVU (emphasis on hospitality management) and has a very impressive resume. Anyway, She may be a good resource. (coordinate/book performances..?) She isn't married, so traveling wouldn't be an issue. Just throwing it out there :) her name is Mignon. I can give you her personal info at your request.

  5. My girls (age 10 & 6) and Neice (age 8) loved your show! (as did I) My niece's mom got to play in the orchestra. I'm so glad I could bring my girls to a show that will inspire them! It was awesome!!

  6. Love the wings Mindy! I think the statement you make when you are wearing them is wonderful. I wear wings all the time--only mine are invisible :) I wish all women and girls would embrace their wings. Imagine what this world would be like!