Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ode to My Papa

Dad, if I were in the 3rd grade, your birthday card might look something like this:

Doesn't ever let me down.
Awesome at pushing me on the rope swing.
Darn it, he's the best dad in the universe!

But because I am now a grown-up, instead I will tell you that I've never wanted to please anyone in this world more than you. You are everything that I want to be. You give and you give without ever expecting anything from anyone. You have more patience with my own children than anyone else I know. I'm certain that I have never heard you complain about a single thing in all my years as your daughter. How is that possible? When it comes to loving and respecting Mom, you win the grand prize. Growing up, you always made time to ride horses, play "Murder in the Dark," take me to 4H, practice basketball, and create a haven of animals and diversities for all of us kids at the blue house. Most importantly, you strive to be your very best for God and your family. I can't take any credit for how amazing you are, but man, I must have done something right to have been sent to you on this earth. I love you Dad! Happy Birthday!


  1. This is too cute!
    You're too cute, my boyfriend just sent me a cd of yours, I'm in England and had never heard it before. I LOVE your music! It brightens my world when I listen! :)