Sunday, May 8, 2011

Rexburg Highlights

This last weekend was so surreal, I still can't believe it really happened. I finished up my last two headlining shows in Rexburg and Idaho Falls before taking the coming summer months off to prepare to have a baby. The Teton Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Eric Wenstrom, joined me for both shows and it couldn't have been more perfect in my book. The Kirkham Auditorium at BYUI in Rexburg sold out the day before the show and the crowd was incredible. Please enjoy these lovely photos by the talented Krista Maurer of Island Belle Photography:

Jay McGregor did the lighting design. All I can say is: WOW.

At 6 1/2 months along, I just don't look quite myself. Voluptuous layers of maternal padding are in, right?

How I wish I had an orchestra at every show!

Conductor, Eric Wenstrom, is such a gem of a guy.

Of course, my keytar came along for the ride.

And so did guitarist, Joe Corcoran (all the way from Los Angeles!). I love this guy.

Mr. Jay Tibbitts (also drummer for Parlor Hawk) played his first show with me.

The same goes for Andrew Burton on the bass. They both knocked it out of the park!

I loved meeting so many of you after the show. Thanks for bringing your energy to the show. It makes it so much more fun for me. Can't wait until we do it again!


  1. I just graduated from BYU-Idaho and I'm soooo upset that I wasn't there to hear you perform. You are such an amazing singer! Congrats on your beautiful baby!

    -Ally Mullin

  2. Welcome back from Africa! What a gorgeous concert setting inspired by you, no doubt. And you look maternally beautiful. So glad it went well! See you soon:)

  3. I was lucky enough to attend your BYU-I concert. It was amazing. You and your music + the orchestra = the best concert EVER! You looked amazing and sounded beautiful. I had goosebumps and tears at the same time. Simply the best night I have had in a really long time! Good luck with your sweet little one.

  4. um....did not know you were pregnant, Mindy! Congrats!!

  5. It's not exactly my living room....but it looks like it was amazing anyway! ha ha

    You do look gorgeous pregnant, as always, and you just have that glow. Congratulations on a great tour.

  6. The venue looks amazing and you look stunning!

  7. I was at your BYU-I concert and, of course, loved it. Don't worry, after my roommates and I got home we definitely spent the rest of the night googleing you (not as creepy as it sounds...), watching your music videos, exploring your website, and buying lots of new songs on itunes.

  8. Mindy!

    Your show was truly inspirational. Nuf said.

  9. Thanks so much for performing at BYU-IDAHO! It was so fun to see you! and my whole apt of roommates just love your music, even my boyfriend is a quite the fan!! xoxo

  10. Pregnancy suits you! You look gorgeous as ever, Min. BTW, did you hear I'm knocked up too? And Ashley too? And I hear Vicki is too? Wouldn't Grandma Rose be thrilled at all this procreating?

  11. I wanted so badly to go to your Rexburg concert. I tried to take my dear friend for her birthday but the element of surprise caused us to arrive late and...(tickets in hand) we were turned away. I stayed in the foyer just to listen for a minute, I wish I could have stayed to see you after the show but we had left 9 children (between us) so we just headed home. As a fellow mother, musician and BYU grad, I want to say, your music fills my days with sunshine! Thank you for making beautiful, meaningful, clean music. Please come back to Rexburg so I can make it inside your concert! :)

  12. I was there for that concert and loved every minute of it! (I wished I joined the trivia games tho.) I also bought your cds that night. That night was just one of the highlights of my semester! Thanks for inspiring us Mindy!