Wednesday, May 18, 2011

People always ask me . . .

I often receive emails from people who ask me: "How did you get started in music? What advice would you have for me about getting into the music business?"

My answer never changes: "Go to music industry workshops. That's what lead to my first record deal."

If you live in my neck of the woods, the very best organization to join that hosts music industry workshops is the Soundcheck Series. I myself, purchased the one-year membership to this organization, but you can also purchase a one-time pass to individual workshops. I highly recommend this for anyone considering a music career or currently working in the music industry.

I've been so impressed at how the Soundcheck Series has flown in mainstream music pros from L.A., Nashville and New York to really help raise the bar of our local music scene. There is so much untapped musical talent here in Utah and I have loved seeing the musicians here get noticed in the last few years.

On May 23, Soundcheck is bringing Grammy-nominated songwriter, Ben Cooper, right here to Salt Lake City to speak about the power of co-writing. I'll for sure be there. If you're interested, click HERE to find out more.

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