Sunday, February 14, 2010

"Customer Service, Speaking"

After I posed some "customer satisfaction-ish" questions last week about my newsletter (How frequent? What kind of content?) and my online store (what other products would be cool to sell?), I once again was so impressed with your comments.

What you want to hear about in the newsletter:
  • "What's the songwriting process like for you?"
  • Include news and links to the charities I support
  • Feature fan photos
  • The stories behind the songs I write
  • Where I've been and where I will be next
  • What's my favorite music, artists, stores?
  • Recipes (yeah, I'm really not a great cook, but I suppose I could muster something up.)
  • Bathroom humor (I am, however, pretty good at this.)
What products you would like to see me sell:
  • SHEET MUSIC!!! (I got the message loud and clear. Thanks.)
  • Ring tones
  • T-shirts (of course, they would be hip.)
  • Karaoke music! AKA, "minus tracks."
  • Pillow cases with my face on them, for stalkers. (That one made me laugh.)
I thought these were all excellent ideas and I am going to use most all of them.
So listen up: I am sending out an newsletter by tomorrow evening that will include information on how you can find the sheet music for 8 of my songs. I'll share with you the songwriting process I have been going through for my upcoming album and I'll even include the recipe for the thumbprint cookies I posted a photo of on Facebook tonight. But WAIT, that's not all! I'm offering a bonus story involving bathroom humor if you sign up in the next 20 minutes! If you haven't joined my email list yet, you can do so by visiting the "EVENTS" page on my website:


  1. what about cool bandanas? With some sweet organic design? For the store I mean.

  2. Dang! I missed the 20 minute deadline. Can you still hook me up with some bathroom humor?

  3. My name is Nichole Hiatt. I own The Music Stop in Eagle Mountain, and had a customer inquire about getting the sheet music to one of your songs. I would love to get some of your sheet music in our store, so email me at and let me know if that would be possible. Thanks!

  4. Hey Mindy, This doesn't have anything to do with this post but I have to say that I have been very impressed with you as an artist. I saw you in idaho falls with my wife and friends while you were touring with 'Nashville' and have since bought your two albums. My wife and I have been very moved by your music and are ancious to hear your new stuff. Ni Wahu Nansoh

  5. Thank you Ni Wahu Nansoh! You made my day. Is that your whole name or just first name?

  6. Nansoh is just my pen name. My name is actually Andy, and Ni Wahu just means sincerely or respectfully in Pohnpean. My wife and did a post about you and John Deer's band several months ago which you are welcome to look at if you would like.

  7. My wife is singing in church on Sunday and is begging me to get your sheet music for I will rest in you. If I don't get it, I will rest on the couch; I hope you can help! please let me know how I can get it, the couch is only good during football season.

    Scotty Hale my email addy is HALESB@EMAIL.SC.EDU

  8. I am another person searching for sheet music. I am on your newsletter mailing list, but my email was recently hacked and I lost all archives. I'm sure people are often hounding you with similar inquiries and that you are really busy (especially around Christmas), but if you get a free moment, would you mind directing me to where I could purchase some sheet music?

    By the way, I've been a blog follower for ages and love that you do that. It's so nice to "get to know" some of your favorite artists better.