Thursday, February 25, 2010

Week 8: People Skills

This reminds me of a social situation when I met a celebrity. He was a gentleman and asked me all about myself and I was too dumbstruck to speak. Then, a mean French lady told me to leave, so I basically got escorted away. Yeah, it was awesome. But the Russian chick seems to be doing a great job.

Wow. According to my calculations, next week is the last week of my literary quest to conquer Music Success in Nine Weeks. Week 8 has been all about real live networking, which really comes down to one thing:

The biggest goal when it comes to networking is to be memorable. How does one accomplish this? It's pretty simple: the more you allow THEM to talk, the more memorable YOU will be. My dad has always taken a sincere interest in the people he interacts with. If we've ever been in a social situation together and he can't remember a name, he will whisper in my ear and ask me if I can remember. He always likes to greet people by their first name and tries to mention something he remembers about them. (I'm super sweet on my dad in case I've never mentioned that before.) I actually really enjoy getting to know people from all walks of life. Remember the New Orleans cab driver I once told you about? I wanted to talk to that man for hours. It's not like I don't have my narcissistic moments, but I do adore meeting interesting people.

There have been times when I've read comments here on my blog that go something like:

"I feel like I'm intruding . . ."
"I've been a blurker here for a while . . ." (that word cracks me up, by the way.)
"I've never commented before . . ."

Allow me to let you in on a little something: I made this blog so that I could interact with people from here to Kalamazoo. I don't know most of you, but I love that I at least know your blogger identities (that's right Liahonajourney, Amber, La Yen, Stephers, Gerb, Team Harris, Becky, Dana, and all of you other awesome people who leave comments). I want to know you better. If you are reading this right now whether we know each other or not, will you please leave a comment introducing yourself and telling me something interesting about you? I would like to comment back to each of you who does. Ready, set, GO.


  1. well hi there. i've been reading your blog for a few months now and i thoroughly enjoy it. i bought your cd years ago when i was an efy counselor and really love your voice. how happy was i when i found that you have a blog and that it is entertaining. happy delurking.

  2. My name is Emily and you left a super great impression on your yard guy. He really likes you, so great job on those people skills! I like you, too.

  3. Wow I feel so honored to be mentioned BY NAME! It's been fun and interesting to follow your journey towards Music Success in Nine Weeks. I do admire your grit and determination. I also sing, but feel overwhelmed by my 4 young kids right now. So I love reading your blog and am very inspired with the way you are able to handle everything and keep moving forward. If you ever decide to do a competition with the winner doing backup vocals, I will totally be there! Thanks for keeping up your blog, I know it must be hard some nights. It makes me feel like we could be friends... you know, if I actually knew you. :-)

  4. Steph, thanks for making yourself known and for your sweet comments. Welcome!

    Emily, you crack me up. How did the lawn turn out?

    Stephers, hang in there! I have really valued your contribution and advice on here. Thank you so much!

  5. Hi Mindy! I just purchased my first two songs of your music last night! :o) I had been wanting Golden Slumbers since I saw your tribute concert back in, what, 2008? And duh! It is on iTunes! ;o) Now it will no doubt be a song I sing to my sweet babe when I rock her to sleep at night!

    Anywho, something interesting about me... well, I'm not that interesting, I don't think. Um...

    OK, something short but sweet: my husband and I have practically identical eyes. Not just our eye color - but also, the golden 'freckles in our eyes are mirror images...' Just like in the Postal Service song "Such Great Heights".

    Glad to make your acquaintance! :o)

  6. ok here goes...(why do i feel nervous?)

    here's a little bit about me:

    i'm a fan of your music.

    i saw you once at time-out for women. i bumped into you coming out of the restroom and wanted to say something to you. something like,

    "hey! i really enjoy your music. you have such a great gift!"

    but i got all shy and embarrassed and said nothing instead. i felt like such a dork.

    for the past couple of years i've been living overseas--a year in chile and a year in singapore.

    i'm married and have three cute, rambunctious kids.

    i have four sisters and we have rhyming names--colette, jeanette, annette, lynette, and suzette.

    and now you know a little about me! :)

  7. Brooke, NO. WAY. That lyric from "Such Great Heights" is one of the best of all time!!! How cool that your eye freckles match :-) Thx for buying Golden Slumbers!

    Lynette, I am laughing. I wish you had said hello! Wow, you have lived in some awesome places. Are you still overseas? How have you managed that with kids?!

  8. Well, let's see. I'm a feather in the wind. Oh, wait, that's you.

    I can only play Yamaha pianos because of my arthritis.

    I worked for Apple, Sony Music, and Dahlin Smith White.

    I started a live show interviewing LDS recording artists and producers on the radio in the 90's, and became the program director at KMGR.

    I studied the physics of sound under Rob Deadman and Barry Gibbons, where I worked on projects by and with Micheal McLean, Clive Romney, Vickey Pahnkey, Julie de Azevedo, Charleen Wells, Afterglow, to name a few.

    I have lived in Utah, Napa, San Franscisco, LA, Hollywood, Arkansas, and Oklahoma.

    When I was 17 I was told I was disabled and I would not be able to work. So I quit my job and started the biggest dance club in Utah from my home phone.

    I love kids and animals. My friends call me the dog whisperer.

    My dream is to go to Mexico to photograph the migration of Monarch butterflies.

    If I keep typing at this rate you'll never remember me!

    Oh, and Leslie Gledhill is my step dad's cousin, and I miss aunt Ida :(

  9. Mindy, ever since you took us on a tour of your house, I have been hooked on your blog. One of the few I read actually. I love real people who don't take themselves too seriously. You are about as real as they come, while still being classy and beautiful! So I want to thank you for not sugar coating everything.

    A little about me: this is the first comment I've ever left on someones blog, so I hope it works. AND I like to eat chips and salsa for breakfast!

  10. Hmm... about me and interesting in the same comment? Err... Okay, I'm kidding. I agree with Stephers - it's pretty awesome to be mentioned by name.

    I think way too much about what I'm going to say in comments like this because I don't want to say anything stupid when I'm communicating with people I've never met in person.

    I'm Dana, I'm an only child, and I live in California - It's the only place I've ever lived.

    I'm picking up and moving to Utah in April on a feeling.

    I had no idea until a couple months ago that you had any cd's of your own - I only knew about EFY stuff. But even then, Child of Light, which came out the first year I was a counselor, ranked you in my top singers.

    I live in (one of) the asparagus captial(s) of the world.

    And finally, I'm your friend on facebook and I follow you on twitter too (I'm ashergrl there.) I love that you care enough to stay in touch. The end.

  11. Wow, Jamie. I had no idea we were long, lost cousins. My cousin is a dog whisperer. Unbelievable. Thx for commenting :-)

    Roberta. Is this Roberta from Nashville? Congratulations on your first comment! It worked. I too eat chips and salsa for breakfast! No joke.

    Dana, I like people who take risks based on nothing more than a feeling. Cool. Is there really more than ONE asparagus capital of the world? Amazing. Thanks for your kind words and for the follows on Twitter and Facebook!

  12. Roberta, I also meant to thank you for the nice things you said!

  13. Yep it's me. Roberta from Nashville. Yay, I'm glad it worked! Now maybe I'll do it more often.

  14. Hey Mindy!
    I'm a Junior at Utah State University (GO AGGIES!:)) studying interior design and fine art. It comsumes my life but I love it so much! I'm so obsessed it's pathetic!
    I am probably one of your biggest fans! I was first introduced to your music while I was serving a mission. My mom sent me the Especialy for Missionaries CD and fell in love with your music the moment I heard the Garden Walls song. It gave me a whole new wonderful prespective on things. I'm so excited for your new album and will probably be one of the first ones to buy it!
    I love everything about you! You have NO guile, you are who you are and I love that! Don't ever change! You're a wonderful person and such a great example to me. I only hope that I can be half the person you are!

  15. Hi Mindy!

    I'm Irene, from Spain (you have an overseas fan!!!) We were from the same ward when you lived here. Do you remember when we sang in that activity in Manuel Becerra? I remember I wrote the lyrics to go with a song of Rocío Durcal: "Necesito que me escuches y atiendas, el mensaje que con fe yo quiero darte..." I still remember all the lyrics! I remember how great was when all of us Youn Women sang that song and danced to it.

    I'm married, I don't have any kids yet but I hope they will come soon. I speak Spanish, English and I'm learning French.

    I found out you were a singer when I was serving my mission and I saw your face in a CD cover in Deseret Bookstore. I was really surprised!

    I always read your blog althought not always comment on it. But I really love reading about your successes and how you work to accomplish all your goals. ¡Eres estupenda!

    Thanks for keeping in toucht with your fans throught your blog.

  16. Hello, I'm Naomi from England. I found your music a few years back through working with YW, and have kept listening ever since!

    I'm married with four children and obsessed with listening to music... especially live!

  17. Mindy, Mindy, Mindy!

    Where to begin? Well first, I am in LOVE with your music. I found out about you when your Twitter account started following mine. I thought, "Well how in the WORLD did she get to my page?" This made me want to find out more, so I checked your website, got my 1st listen of "Feather," and the rest is history! What a voice, what amazing song concepts, and what a wonderful sense of artistry!

    Anyway, as I have now most certainly overdone my praise & raving (LOL), I would just say that if it were possible, I would be most honored to work with you sometime in the near future. I know that we are on opposite sides of the country right now, but that is the beauty of technology and e-mails! SO...if/when you can, send me a message, I would love to know more about any upcoming projects or possible collaborations that we could muster up. I am on Twitter @pmurraymusic (we've chatted a few times before), so don't hesitate to msg me there.

    In any & all cases, I wish you continued success and musical fulfillment on your journey to artistic prosperity. Take care, God bless!

    Peace & Music,
    P. Murray

  18. Howdy. First time here, came as a friend of Lisa. I like side salads from "Outback" and have been working the last couple of years trying to get Hugh Jackman to follow me on facebook. I think he's thinking about it. I am new to DVR's and have started reading "Ivanhoe" for the first time and am pretty sure I won't like it. Nice to meet ya!

  19. Hey Mindy,
    well, I'm Andy and me and my wife Ivy have been following your blog not for too long but we have enjoyed it for the little amount of time we have. We are both rockers at heart, we enjoy classic stuff like Queen,DMB, Star Sailor, Roman Candels, and other random and not so random groups. We have enjoyed your music. I listened to your song Emma and the rest of the Joseph CD on my mission with my companions. That was one of our Favorites, and to see you live with "Tribute" was awesome. If you ever hit up another tour with your band from Feather in The Wind, make sure to stop in Idaho Falls.

  20. I'm a shy person until I get to know people, then you can't shut me up. I wish I was just somewhere in the middle all the time. I worry about my eyes crossing when I'm making eye contact - enough that my kids get sick of me asking if it happens. (It never has, unless they're just being nice.) My family is my LIFE. I have one amazing, talented and super hot husband. My nine kids teach me something new everyday and make my dreams come true. We are hoping for one more child before we call it quits. I love to write, sing, bake and rollerskate. I used to be an awesome runner and I'm trying to be one again but so far I can only make it a half mile without having to walk. I plan to run my first 5K in 20 years next month - and run the whole thing. I am fascinated by blogs because everyone has an amazing story to tell and I love getting a glimpse into others lives.

    See what I mean about not being able to shut up? ;) I'll stop now.

    p.s. Love your blog, love your music. Thanks for being real.

  21. You have fun fans Mindy. If my photo shows up, can you guess which one is me? I love music, although I am so not with it on new artists anymore. I have name recall problems (like I forget everybody's name whenever I need to say it, but I've learned how to pause and recall them... I do this to very best friends too). I've got a household full of boys, and one little girl that has been more wild than any of the boys (she got the first broken bone!). I give my kids strange names, but not too strange. They all have meaning...
    I would love to hear you sing live someday. I will be in Utah in August, any concerts then?

  22. Hello Mindy! Can I just say you are absolutely darling! I love your music (obviously) but have had so much fun getting to know more about you on your blog. I remember the first time I heard your music- it was at a Deseret Book Employees event (I was not an employee shhhhh!) and was wowed by your amazing voice! As always, thank you for sharing your talents- and I CAN NOT wait for your new album! :) Say 'hi' to my parents sometime if you're down on their end of Cherry Lane.

    Oh, here's something about me....I have been married for 18 years, 3 kids (16, 11, 6)- two are adopted, one through foster care (so great!) and I'm currently in school working toward a nursing degree.

    Take care- and good luck with everything!!

  23. Hi! I'm Katie. I was a violin performance major until my violin teacher (the only one at the school who could teach majors) ripped me apart and music was no longer from my soul. I have certified to teach Suzuki Method violin lessons, and love it - when my students practice. :)

    I think my favorite thing you've shared with us is the bedtime story you wrote for Jane and Claire Nielson. Well, that and your music. :)

  24. are SOOOO far behind! There are like 5 people before me...and you probably won't get to me...but you mentioned me in your blog! WOOHOO! So, I'm good - you can skip me and try to get the others. I'm selfless like that. Is that interesting enough?

    Something I find interesting about myself is that I have quite the rebellious streak...especially concerning cooking. You know hoofers? They are like these street wise tap dancers that will just get out on the street and tap on inspiration. No planning...and it gets so down and dirty and liberating...I'm like that as a tapper, but I'm also like that as a cook. Recipes? Where is the challenge in that!?! So, I'll decide what I want to make and look up a few recipes and sit and think about the differences and similarities and what sounds good to me and then I'll just go make it without following a recipe and always adding my own special flare. I was never a rebellious teen...but I am a rockstar cook of rebellion. It doesn't always work out for me...just like true rebellion I guess...but when it does work out - it is definitely worth it and pays off in dividends. I'm also an actress, mom, singer, dancer (though my temporary weight does not indicate this!), bad play writer...and I'll try just about anything...happily. And I'm really funny in person...not so much on blogs/messages :) And I live in Doha but used to live in Muscat and Texas and I've travelled a bit and I don't know where I'm going to live next...and I would definitely hop on a plane and get to one of your concerts in Europe...and the only CD I've listened to of yours has been Feather in the Wind. I love it! I would love to sing with you someday. And I really love your blog...even if you didn't write music/sing incredibly well...I would probably still read your blog because you make me think about things.

  25. and I always write way too much over here on this blog of yours!

  26. Ok...First comment.
    Kinda a blurker.
    I found you through Paul Cardall.
    He has written about you a bit. And my daughter and I sat on the fourth row of his concert earlier this month. So we got to really watch you.
    Pauls brother Brian is my sisters husband.
    Paul is wise, Paul is safe, and Paul is comfort.
    You seem to oooze the same. (Yeah, I said oooze)

    I love to read and hear what you have to say.

  27. Hi Mindy, I saw your blog link on facebook. Connecting with people is always something I am interested in. I am also a musician, did some recordings with some independent labels locally and had a little radio play. Currently being a mom but still doing a few projects hear and here. I don't think I've ever met you but remember seeing you at an FCMA conference several years back. Love your sound!

  28. hi mindy, i'm arica young. and i currently live in your oh so charming basement. thanks for being the best landlord of ALL TIME! we really appreciate you in so many ways. (:

  29. Why am I so nervous?
    interesting fact: I get nervous commenting on blogs for the first time.
    I believe I found your blog through good ol' cjane, but once I was here I recognized you. Were you an EFY counselor at one point? I just remember a beautiful young blonde that seemed to be the sweetest thing and then you found out she could sing, and then that she spoke spanish and had mission president parents and all the other girls were like, "oh great... we don't have a chance when she's around!" gotta love girl envy. I don't know if you were a counselor or if you were there to sing, all I know is that when I happened upon your blog all the details added up to someone I'd met before having something to do with EFY (this must've been when you were 18 or 19). Enough embarrassing rambling for one comment? I believe so.
    Love your music, love how real you are, love how you seem to have it all together even when you don't have it all together. It's refreshing.
    I am from San Diego but am currently in Provo putting my husband through school, taking care of my 2 little boys, and started my own little business last year to earn some extra money ( I love to sing, but have never dedicated the time or effort to truly make something of it, so for now - my boys are my audience.
    ok, I think that's enough for now!
    Thanks for being so inspirational!

  30. Hi Mindy,
    I HAVE posted before but we don't know each other. Like you, I'm LDS. I'm an aspiring writer. I write Youth fiction--message driven stuff. I have to actually confess...your song--the one that talks about how Hard life is and how everyone's looking at you shaking their head--yeah, that one...I based my first novel on that song. So thanks for writing it.

  31. Howdy. My name is Jenny. I live in Ohio. I have a love/hate relationship with technology, television, food, cleaning, and home improvement. I was drawn to your blog because of your willingness to attempt to portray who you really are and not what you want people to perceive. That is rare. I find it compelling that you are so beautiful and gifted and yet conflicted and confused. Since I am a quite conflicted, confused, blessed individual I really enjoy your insights.
    I am a mom to two children, 5 and 2 and teach early morning seminary (craaazy!).

  32. Been at the school talent show all morning and fell behind! Here we go:

    Whitney! We share a love for interior design! Thank you so much for your very sweet comment and for coming to my shows. Rock on.

    Irene, I love you! We made some great memories in Alcobendas, didn't we? Do you ever see Antonia and Minerva anymore? I hope to see you in September when I come to Spain! Besos!

    Naomi from England? How exciting! Have fun w/ those 4 kids. Sounds busy!

    P. Murray, you are a darling. I have enjoyed your tweets and I took a listen to your stuff on Reverb Nation. You are talented. We make very different music, so I'm not sure how we would collaborate but I'm flattered you would think of it. See you on Twitter!

  33. Vern, welcome. Was it Lisa Clark's blog? Ok, so I just read your bio and could not stop laughing. Tole painted geese? Stop! I have now added you to my blog list because I need people like you in my life.

    Andy, I too love Queen! Thanks for coming to the Tribute shows but I fear my days touring with those guys have come to an end. I definitely want to come through Idaho Falls w/ my own band soon though. After all, they DO have my favorite thrift stores there. Thx for commenting!

    Gerb, how did I not know that you have NINE kids!!! I am one of nine, myself. Loved being raised in a big family (though felt a bit attention starved). You are amazing. Thx for being a regular around here.

    LiahonaJourney: you have name recall problems too? It is the challenge of my life. I also forget where I'm going when I drive places and I have to pull over and think hard. Scares me. I would love to meet you in August and will likely have some shows. Check back soon! Thx for the comment.

    Becky! I didn't know you had adopted (or perhaps I just forgot!). That is awesome. I have been thinking about it myself. I also admire that you have been going through nursing school with kids. Thx for always sympathizing with me about school!

    Katie, I have a belief that traditional music lessons can be damaging. Good for you for being brave enough to walk away and carve your own path. I'm so glad you liked that bedtime story! I should repost it sometime. Thx for commenting!

    Ok, my son needs my attention. Gotta take a break! Back soon.

  34. Hey Mindy!

    My name is Tiffany. I've been married for almost 2 years to my best friend, Tucker. He is currently training for the Air Force, in San Antonio and will finally be back home in May. (Not much else occupies my thoughts during this time. Ha ha)
    I was first introduced to your music at the benefit concert that you held for "Nie" in January 08. I immediately bought both of your Cd's during the "intermission" and have been an avid fan ever since! I share your music with everyone I can, and I must tell you that your music has inspired not only me, but many of my friends. One in particular where your music has been a therapy in healing wounds and facing extreme trials.
    Also, my sister (Mari Farr) has played the piano for you during a fireside! So I feel like we have some sort of connection.
    Keep up the great work! I love to read your blog and greatly anticipate your upcoming CD!


  35. Hi Mindy!

    I'm Kimberly. We don't really know each other but I have been to your house before! Don't worry I'm not stalking you ;). We met at the Startup Princess Img. + Media Academy. I listened to your music before the event and love love love it. I was so super excited to receive your CD!

  36. Amber, Amber, Amber. You are a funny lady! And you seriously live on the Persian Gulf? FASCINATING. What are you doing out there? I love your comments. Hoofers? Never heard of them but sounds very liberating. I'm even more rebellious in the kitchen. I just don't cook at all!

    Boulter Trouble, thanks for your comment. How is Brian's wife doing? I'm so glad to know you were on row 4 at that concert. Thanks for stopping in! And yes, that is Tim Gates' Roberta :-)

    Hi Bonnie! Thanks for speaking up. I always admire anyone who puts their family first. Sounds like you have done some exciting things. Keep it up!

    Arica, I worry on a daily basis about you and Andrew--I mean, because you have to deal with our noise, dog and disturbing messiness. We love you guys and hope you will decide to live in the basement for the rest of your lives.

    Jess, there is no need to be nervous here. I can't see you and neither can anyone else. Cute picture though :-) I was never a counselor at EFY but I did go there to sing a while back. I was probably 23, not 18 or 19! You ROCK for supporting your husband through school and raising kids. That is tough. And your felt headbands on Etsy are beautiful!! So glad to meet you. Thanks for your kind words.

    Susan, you write novels?! And you wrote one that was inspired by one of my songs?! Wow! Thanks so much for sharing that and for leaving your comments. Much appreciated!

    Hi Jenny from Ohio! I really appreciate what you said about being real. I worry sometimes that it's not ok to feel conflicted in within my culture, but I'm more miserable when I can't be honest about that. It's nice to feel like someone understands. Good luck with that early morning routine!

  37. Hello Mindy :)!!
    My name is actually Jeremy. Don't know if you remember, but we met at your Christmas concert in Richfield. I won your contest and you signed my CD (which I love by the way). I'm from Salina, not too far from Richfield, but that night driving home was one of the scariest trips of my life. Up to that point I had only been home from my mission for a few weeks and had yet to drive in such a severe storm (dunno how you and the band fared that night...). To top it off my car stereo didn't like your CD and I couldn't get it to play your sweet songs of life and praise.
    Interesting stuff about me...I LOVE to build and launch model rockets. Sometimes I and my dad lose a rocket, but it's all about the time we spend together building and chasing those fantastic paper tubes.

  38. Tiffany, how cool that your husband is in the Air Force! I'm sure that takes a lot of patience from you w/ the time he spends away. And your sister is Mari? Please tel her hello! Thx for coming to the Nie Benefit and for buying my CDs!

    Kimberly, I'm trying to remember your face. Remind me what your business is. That was such a fun conference. I hope we can meet again. Thanks for your nice comment about my music!

    Jeremy, that WAS a scary night to be driving. I don't know how we made it. So model rockets, huh? That is AWESOME. Thx so much for your comment. Come back again!

  39. You are really good at people skills! I love the example you shared about your dad. I want to be a lot more like that. Great reminder! xoxo

  40. Thanks Quinn! I love your blog. You rock!

  41. Yes, it was Lisa Clark. We used to blog together on a site called Light Refreshments Served. Isn't she great?

  42. Met you at Paul Cardall's concert Mindy. I loved you on that stage. So fun! Anyways... I'm HERE. I blog. I love your story, your voice. AND I love that we each have our own! Thanks.

    Much Love

  43. Hi, I'm Heather, been reading since the old blog. Saw you in concert here in AZ and liked your music!

    Something interesting? Sheesh, I don't know. I'm a jill of all trades and master of none, does that make me interesting?

  44. Hello again Jess! How are you? I have been thinking about you and your little baby that had CHD. I ache for you. I truly hope you are doing ok. I'm so glad you came to the concert. Lots of love to you.

    Hi Heather! Wow, you have been following since the beginning, huh? Right on. I am so poor at so many things. I wish I had the ability to do well in all areas like you. That's nothing to be ashamed of at all. Doesn't sound like you are though. Thanks for the comment!

  45. Hey Mindy,

    Looks like you've gotten quite a few comments! That's awesome!

    I was doing a little reminiscing a month or so ago and came across the EHS class of '88 website. There's a copy of the yearbook and as I was looking through the pages, I saw Marni's picture. I had also noticed that she was one of the 'missing' folks, although they had her married name listed, so I decided to type it into Google. Up popped your site! (BTW, that was a very nice tribute that you made to her.) She and I had one class together. Back then I was quiet and a loner, but your sister was always very nice to me. (Even in the halls!) Considering the different groupings in high school, it was refreshing having someone like your sister, a cheerleader and prom queen, that wasn't afraid to say hi to anyone. Looks like that runs in the family!

    Keep up the great music! -Ron

  46. Why aren't going with Tribute anymore?

  47. I've toured with them for almost five years now and it's just time for me to move on. I love those guys, they are so great, but it's just not my focus right now.

  48. Hey Mindy,
    My name is Steph. I am a pharmacist and I love to bowl. I first saw you at Paul Cardall's Celebrate Life Concert a few weeks ago and I loved your performance. I have now found your blog, and just downloaded Feather in the Wind. I am excited for the release of your new album.

  49. Hi, My name is Cami Lynne Nelson. I am a misplaced photographer out in Florida and I am your sister-in-law. I have a darling little 5 month old boy who, this week, is crying himself to sleep to get back onto a good sleep schedule. It breaks my heart, but at least there is a light at the end of the sleep tunnel. My darling 2 (almost 3!) year old daughter is transitioning into her new white big girl bed that we found at the Salvation Army thrift store a few days ago. It was love at first sight for her as she ran to it and bounced and bounced, but it was $ a thrift store! Sorry kid. After wandering around for about 10 more min a voice come over the intercom and announced this. "This is a big sale! For the next 30 min all furniture is $9.99!" Needless to say, the bed is hers. Love you!

  50. PS - I didn't mention that you are amazing and we still can't get enough of "Feather in the wind"!

  51. Hi Mindy,

    My name is Patrina. I live in San Antonio, TX and first heard about you from the song you did for the movie Emma. I had to find more of your music, and basically read your blog every time you post :)
    I play cello, and I love music!! I have a minor in music at school (i'm graduating in august with a b.a. in english, finally!!). I loved this post and what you wrote about your dad. sweet.
    I think its awesome that you lived in spain (I have three friends who served missions for the lds church in spain, 2 in southern spain (same mission, diff times- malaga, and the other friend served in Barcelona i think. I'm learning spanish and would love to travel to spain!). I'm LDS. I was actually just thinking about you the other day, about how you have a successful career, but you are most importantly a wife and mother. I just love that you are using and developing your talents and abilities, and being yourself.

    btw, i recently met this guy in one of my classes at school who is majoring in sound recording technology for his bachelor's.
    he said he has to take physics. eekkk.

  52. Ron - Is this Ron Smith? I will have to show this message to Marni. Thanks for popping in and taking the time to leave me a message!

    Steph, I'm afraid that I can't bowl worth beans but I admire anyone who can. Thanks so much for coming to the concert and for buying Feather in the Wind!

    Cami! I can't wait to see you in a few weeks! We listened to Jane sing "You Are my Sunshine" today while we cleaned the kitchen. The boys kept replaying it over and over again. I also used your "Marie Marchant Sugar Cookie" recipe today and Thatcher sold the cookies in the front yard and made $8! He was all smiles. Love you!

    Hi Patrina! Thank you so much for the kind things you said and for being a regular reader! You should definitely go to Spain someday. I'm a little biased, but it is an amazing country. Take care!

  53. I know what you mean, Are you planning any tours soon? What about new music?

  54. Hi, Mindy! This is the first time I've ever been on your blog, and what a great first post to read! I first heard you perform in August 2006 when I was in the MTC. I couldn't believe I'd never heard of you before that, because I absolutely LOVE your style of music. I had my mom send me your cd as soon as possible and my companions and I listened to it whenever we were driving around Pennsylvania. Or while we were writing letters on Pday. :) Your cd brings back so mission memories when I listen to it.

    A few interesting things about me: I also like to write music, but I have NO talent when it comes to lyrics (at least I am not ignorant to it, right?), so I mostly do hymn arrangements for instrumentalists, choirs, or soloists. I will be an OFFICIAL member of the Tabernacle Choir in May-the process of getting there is pretty intense!! And...what else...I ride a unicycle. Random, I know. :)

    I think it's wonderful that you actually CARE about who's reading your blog. :) I look forward to following it in the future.

  55. Hi, Mindy.

    My name is Jenny.

    Nice to meet you.

    Let's brunch together again. Soon.


  56. Hi Mindy, I love that you have invited your readers to do this otherwise I may never have introduced myself, my name is Rhonda and I live in Melbourne Australia. I have two beautiful, loving children who are both adopted from Thailand,I am not Morman but I am Christian and I am also learing and reading about Buddhism,I truly believe it is all connected, there is so much in common, even if it is not always written the same.
    Good luck with your music, can you come to Melbourne so I can hear you sing live.
    Best wishes Rhonda

  57. Hey Mindy! I'm sure you've replied to a ton of comments, but I thought I would write to you anyway just for fun. I'm actually new to the blog, but I've followed your music for about 5 years now.

    A little about me...
    I'm 24, moved to Bountiful to live with my sister after I graduated from BYU just over a year ago. I love writing in almost all forms. When I read about your writing process in the email I received I smiled because my writing process starts in a very similar way, thinking of one phrase or part of a poem or song and I write it down and save it for later.:)

    The first time I met you was at a concert in the Terrace at BYU. I helped my friend Jason sell some of your CDs. I was supposed to be in a midterm review that day, but I couldn't pass up the concert. Don't worry I passed the class a long time ago. Thanks for all of your music. It has brought me through so much and I have shared the love of your music with people dear to me who love your music just as much as I do! :)
    Sorry the post is so long.

  58. Pohnpeanpirate, Yes, I am writing a new album right now which I will release later this year and will go on tour with it as well. Stay tuned...

    Welcome, Katie! Thank you so much for your sweet comment and congratulations on making it into the MoTab. You must be very talented. But even more impressive is the fact that you ride a unicycle. Too. Awesome.

    Jenny, I have been worried that I offended you with my tardiness in emailing back about your trainer. If I recall correctly, I have not responded in a timely manner to some of your other emails. I hope you know that it's ME, not you. I'm just a bad emailer, that's all there is to it. But you can call me anytime and I will get back ASAP. Yes. Let's do brunch again with some of the lovely ladies in our community.

    Rhonda! How exciting that you are reading this over in Melbourne! Welcome. I love what you said about different religions being connected. I have the same belief. We ARE all connected and I have much love and respect for friends of different faiths. This is a non-denominational kind of blog anyway. You are always welcome here. I hope to hear from you again.

    Hi Lizbiz! Thanks for helping to sell CDs way back when. That was several years ago! Was that with Jason Linford? That guy makes me laugh something fierce. I appreciate your nice comment about sharing my music. Thanks for visiting!

  59. Hi Mindy!!

    This is Belen, from Spain. I think I wrote here before once; I read your blog often, but I ususally dont coment, although I love to see that you are doing what you like , and that you have such a wonderful family (your kids are soo cute!!).

    I have always liked the way you sing (I will never forget when you and Vicky sang in my baptism), and you have a very beautiful voice. I am sure you´ll have a long and succesful carreer in the difficult world of the music bussines (I work in a theater, and we also have our own company and a rock band, so I know how hard is to find a place in this world, I bet in the US its hard too).

    I know it was long time ago, but I want to THANK YOU for the good memories that I have of the days that you and your family were in Madrid, those were my first years as a member of the chuch, and you were really like a family for me (those nights in the mission home were great!!); we havent seen each other in a long time, but you all have a very special place in my heart, because you, Vicky, Lindsay and your parents, really helped me a lot to be a better person. Please, say hi to them for me when you see them, and send them my love.

    And for you, all my love too, y muchos besos.

    If you ever come to Spain, I hope we´ll be able to meet.

  60. Hi Mindy, we've met before, a few years ago when I tutored your son Jackson. He was the highlight of my day at Wastach Elem and was a great reader and an even better entertainer. I hope he is doing well!

  61. Hola Belén! Claro que me acuerdo de ti. That's so cool that you work for a theater. I have such great memories from Spain and I remember your very sweet persona. I will be in Spain this September and I hope to see you then. Besitos.

    Christine, bless your soul for being patient and kind with my son. He has had a rough year at school so I really appreciate any kind and loving teachers who have spent time with him. I will tell him that you say hello. Thanks for leaving a comment!

  62. Mindy, I've loved your music for a very long time. I'm also a musician. I play the keys and sing backup for Charley Jenkins. I also occasionally do some solo acoustic shows. I loved your performance at Paul's concert and thought you added so much to that inspirational night. You and my husband, McLane Smith, went to high school together and we enjoy listening to your albums and watching you live, which we've done a few times. I also love reading your blog. Thanks for your honesty and refreshing outlook on music and life!

    Ashley Smith

  63. My blog is I haven't updated it for a while. My Professor here at BYU I told me to look up your blog because I am thinking about going into the music business. I added you on facebook and asked you a few questions.

  64. comment 64.
    better late than never.

    Here's the gig:
    I love your music. Every since summer 2004 "Child of Light" hit the record player, I've been a huge fan. Then we met briefly at Zion's Deseret Book when you sang there years ago during the Priesthood session of General Conference. My roommates and I listen to your two albums often and my sister likes to run to "Oh-la-la-de-da" around the BYU indoor track.

    Anyway, I'm an english teaching major and I like cardigans and big glasses. My favorite thing to do is sit and think at night after talking with friends. Also, i believe that HIGH fives are better than low fives and laughing together is best, just in general.

    Good luck with your upcoming album. It's been wonderful following your journey on this blog. Thanks for sharing, mindy!

  65. Mindy! Hi! My name is Emily and I love your music! I have fallen in love with your blog too! You are so witty and great :) I feel like I know you!
    Some about me: I'm going to school for Education... I'm going to open a performing arts studio for children someday. It's my birthday on Sunday! I listened to your music all the time when I was investigating joining the Church, and I love it still. An interesting fact about me is that I have never had a cavity AND I was once bit by a dolphin while feeding it at Sea World :( Traumatic childhood experience for sure!

  66. Ashley! I am so pleased that you took the time to introduce yourself. McLane was so funny in high school. I chatted with him several years back when he worked at the Riverwoods and he seemed as sweet as ever, telling me what a great singer you were. That's cool that you sing for Charlie. He is such a nice guy as well. Thanks again for your thoughtful comment!

    Hi Lindsey, I'm glad you decided to stop by and check out the blog. I'll go look at your comment on Facebook to see if I can answer any of your questions. Thanks!

    Amanda, I loved your comment! It sounds like we have a few things in common. I love big glasses (cat eye are my current fave) and cardigans. I also like to be alone with my thoughts and I LOVE it that your sister runs around the track to "Ooh La-La." Thanks so much for your awesome comment and well wishes!

    Emily, I think it's so cool that you are going to open a performing arts school for children. And GUESS WHAT: we have the same birthday. Sweet, huh? Your interesting facts rock! Never had a CAVITY?!!! That is unheard of. I just heard about the poor girl who got dragged under water by a Killer Whale at Sea World. I can't get over it. I'm glad that Dolphin only took a nibble.

  67. Hello Mindy my name is Michelle

    I was just "introduced" to you and your music at the Paul Cardall concert a few weeks ago here in Salt Lake City. I instantly fell in love with your voice. I am always looking for great music that inspires and lifts my soul. I find that having music playing in the background of my home helps me to feel the spirit and keep my focus on the important things in my family.

    Thank you for inviting us to fill your blog with our stories and sing your praises with you. You are one of my new favorites and my daughter who is five (CHD girl) loves your song "It's all about your heart". I told her you sang this at a concert we went to and that is how I found it and heard it the first time. She will dance to it and says that it is her song! {sigh} Love when she falls head over heels for something too!

    I am loving this new album and can't wait to add it to my collection.

  68. Hello Mindy,
    It was your "Ready set GO" that motivated me to write this, so here it goes. . .

    My name is Gena Hill. Your music is so inspiring to me. It has a way of speaking to my soul. I love the use of words in your lyrics. My favorite is Long lost child.

    I have a passion for singing and painting. I am also a caricature artist. I am putting together my first album. I don't know how to read music, but I have always composed songs on the piano and started writing lyrics in the past few years.

    I put on my first Christmas concert last year, WOW, was that a lot of work! I guess that just makes it more rewarding. I like to think BIG. So there were real trees brought in, lighting, and giant moving ornaments decorating the stage. The best part is it was all boy scouts operating flash lights and strings behind the scenes! You gotta love that hu?! It was so much fun!

    Basically I'm moving from dreaming to doing! Thank you for your wonderful example. You are an inspiration. I hope I get the chance to meet you someday.

  69. My name is Ariana(pronounced R-E-AUNA, not AIREAUNA like most people say) and for most of my life I have been called Oreana (so much, in fact, that a friend of mine nicknamed me Oreo), Arena (I'm a person, not a building), Areanna and, like I mentioned above, Aireauna. I got used to teachers stumbling over my name and usually just raised my hand and said "Here" before they slaughtered my name. My sisters loved to tease me that no one could get my name right, so they came up with nicknames like Spongatulator, Pongo, Pandemonium (even though I didn't cause it), On-Beline and even Willy. Phew, a normal name at least! :) They are all endearing to me, although my favorite is Ani (pronounced Oni), as it is what my siblings, parents and nieces and nephews call me.
    I was in the same ward at BYU as two of your sisters and the Gledhill family, which is how I came to know of you. I saw your CD browsing at Deseret Book and recognized the name Gledhill, wondered if there was a connection, gave the cd a listen to, loved it and walked out of the store having purchased your cd.
    I always thought I would go to BYU, get my degree in nursing and music, then marry a man that could sing me to sleep. I also thought he would have hair and be from somehwere other than Texas, as it was, at the time, a state I didn't care much about. As fate would have it, I married the love of my life that can't sing with a lick of tune, is from San Antonio, and lets me rub his BALD head for fun. We married and decided not to wait on having a family and here am I today, a stay-at-home mom of three beautiful children, who runs them to gymnastics and soccer, then comes home to teach piano, then focuses on getting dinner in the oven. Life couldn't be better.
    I just started taking violin lessons and I'm singing "Emma" next week for my ward's Enrichment Birthday Dinner. Thanks for sharing your talent with the world.

  70. And that comment was longer than I intended. Sorry about that.