Sunday, February 21, 2010

Week 7: Reporting for Duty

Do you see my subliminal message? Click here to decode.

I am reporting for duty on Week 7 of Music Success in Nine Weeks: How to Build Your Mailing List. The irony here is that the first page is all about the importance of communicating regularly and consistently with your fans and I have been rather absent this week here on my blog.

Where have I been? I've been on the couch snuggling with a sick boy. I've been to the grocery store. Thursday was dedicated to tending my sister's 10 month old baby while she worked. Friday night was date night with my Mister and last night I saw the amazing Paul Jacobsen and the Madison Arm in concert. But largely, I have been trying to disengage from the internet. You know that sick to your stomach feeling you get when you've eaten way too much sugar? That's how I was feeling this week about all of the electronics I've been plugged into. Besides, do you really care about my email list? I think not.

But here is something you may care about. I am a text person and find that I respond to texts way faster than I do to email. If you're the same way, then you can scroll up to that nifty widget and sign up for my texting group. That means, you'll get a text from me to notify you about shows in your area or an occasional really exciting tidbit of news that I want to share with you. Pretty cool huh?

Thanks to all those who signed up for and responded to my newsletter last week. How about that bathroom humor? Has anyone tried out my Thumbprint Cookie Recipe? You guys rock the casbah.


  1. Can I still get the newsletter even though i signed up THE DAY AFTER it got sent out? I really really want the tips on how to get the music! And I promise I will bake the Thumbprint Cookies if you say yes!

  2. Sure Emily! Email me at and I will forward the letter to you. Thanks!