Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Paul Cardall: A Celebration of Life

Paul wasn't messing around when he put this concert together.

The lighting was beautiful.

Ryan Tilby and Craig Miner on guitars (right).

Waiting in the wings with Ryan Tilby.

There is nothing like singing to a sold out audience in a gorgeous concert hall.

Sam Payne (right) is an amazing companion on stage.

Ryan Tilby, can't be beat as lead guitarist, banjo, and mandolin player.

Of course, Peter Breinholt got the entire hall to sway their cell phones back and forth.

Paul's performance was spot on.

His beautiful wife Lynette and daughter Eden. That's what it's all about.

Thank you so much for coming and supporting families effected by heart disease. If you missed the concert and would like to donate, click here.

All photos, courtesy of Dustin Bess Photography.


  1. Mindy... so I am the gal- who at the end of the night told you that I absolutely LOVED your voice and told you that I thought it was so unique. Blond. Ummm, if you don't remember-- I will be okay. BUT-- I failed to ask you- if that song you sang was about Nie? I LOVED it. It was beautiful. I bet she loved it. Anyways.... I am a mother who just lost her baby to CHD. Paul, kindly invited me backstage to meet his family. I cannot tell you how much Monday night meant to me. Stephen would've been 4 months that day. Thank you so much!!!

    Are you related to Dustin Gledhill? If so, that makes you EVEN cooler. If not, you're still wayyyy cooler than me! :0)

    One more question, do you mind if I post some of your pics on my blog this week, when I post some of the pics of Paul and I????

    Here is my blog:

    (I'm rckclmbrjess on twitter btw)

    Love Jess

  2. My sister and I enjoyed the concert. We were a little tired, so by the end we were ready to call it a night, but it was a nice beginning to the week. I loved getting to hear some more of your original music, Mindy. You have a wonderful talent for songwriting and I appreciate that you keep working and making it better. Your voice is beautiful, but very light, so at times it was hard to hear. Still, we appreciated the chance.

  3. Jess, thank you so much for your sweet message. The song I sang called "All About Your Heart" was for Nie. I am so sorry to hear about your baby. I hope the concert was a source of comfort for you. And yes, Dustin is my bro-in-law. Take care!



  4. Hey Marianne, thank you for your message and feedback as well. You rock for coming to the concert!

  5. It was such an amazing evening! I had been looking forward to Paul's concert for many months. Aside from being so excited to see Paul perform, my second reason for wanting to attend the concert was because I knew you would be performing. My only regret was that I wished you could have performed longer :). I absolutely loved your performance and the beautiful songs you sang. Your voice is flawless and angelic.

    I know you met a million people that night, but I felt very fortunate that I was able to snag a minute of your time in the lobby to let you know how much I loved your performance. Also, how very much I love the song "All About Your Heart" and how glad I was that you performed it. It made my night!

    Thank you again for your amazing performance and for taking a minute of your time to indulge my compliments :). It really was an amazing night that my husband and I won't soon forget.

    Thank you!

  6. Wow, Mindy! The concert looks like it was amazing! My husband's cousin who lives with us went and said it was a great concert. I love you and your music!! xoxo

  7. Hey Mindy,
    I downloaded your album "Winter Moon" on iTunes a couple of months back. Loved it! Thanks for brightening my Christmas with your fantastic voice and unique style!