Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Week 5, Day 30: Blogging, Facebook Fiasco, and an Upcoming Concert!

I risked my life to take this photo. Had to climb up on a one hundred year old ladder. I hope you're happy.

For those just tuning in, I have been documenting my journey through the book, Music Success in Nine Weeks. This is my first post on Chapter 5: BLOGGING. This week will be dedicated to the random happenings in my life. No more. No less. That's what blogging is all about anyway, right?

So, check it out: Today I had a horrible experience on facebook with a fan. I made a comment about Taylor Swift in my last post that I feel was misinterpreted. My fan was greatly offended by this as well as comments made by others. I removed her comment from my wall. Then she publicly displayed her disappointment in me on my wall. Ugh! What a mess! We had words. I expressed how I felt, as did she. Pretty soon, it had gotten UGLY. This sounds so ridiculous, right? We're talking about Facebook for crying out loud. But I was stewing inside. I reflected on things and determined that the best thing to do when people can't agree is to just apologize sincerely and let it go. When I went back to write this fan an apology letter, I had been (gulp) BLOCKED. So attention: If that fan (or ex-fan, should I say) is out there anywhere, I would like her to know that I am honestly sorry for offending her. Truly. No one knows more than I do that I have room for improvement in the way I handle things. Forgive me?

These situations can sometimes feel more complicated than they seem when you're in the middle of them. What successful ways have you dealt with conflict in the past?

On a lighter note, I had a great rehearsal with friends, Ryan Tilby and Sam Payne today (who really cheered me up). We are preparing for the upcoming Paul Cardall Concert in which we celebrate his unbelievable comeback from a heart transplant! Read more details and buy tickets here. Proceeds go toward families effected by heart disease.


  1. These days I go with 'Never take anything personally'. I figure I'm so nice, that whatever they said/ did/ they had to have a good reason, (like hormones heh) because they couldn't be made at ME. . . SO I take it as information, decide if there is something I can improve upon or not and then go from there. Life is too short to live it with the nasties.

    If I feel I can do something, I do it. If I can't, I send it in care of the wind. Let it blow it where it needs to be. Hey, like a feather!

    You are fabulous, keep being so. It really is all good.


  2. You're so funny Mindy! One of the greatest lessons I've learned in life is this: It's nearly impossible to offend anyone. I mean it. People must make the conscious CHOICE to be offended. If that person can't figure out that we all have different tastes and opinions, then they have some learning to do. :-)

    I just hope you'll keep posting on Facebook (and Twitter!) I love reading stuff you write! :-)

  3. Hang in there...This too shall pass! People who know your ♥ will know you!

  4. I usually try to skirt around conflict because I don't want anyone to be unhappy but tonight I dealt with some by confronting it head on and it turned out to be the best thing to do.

    Regardless of whether or not someone agrees with your opinion, you are entitled to have one - and to express it.

  5. Your photo was awesome! And as always, I think you're great! Good luck in your adventures! I can't wait to see how it all turns out. :)

  6. I agree with everyone above, but I have a little to add. (Is it too ironic if I quote your lyrics back to you?)

    "Gonna turn my cheek and shrug my shoulder"

    All the same, I understand it's an uncomfortable feeling knowing someone has chosen to be offended by something you've said. Offending someone unintentionally is something we've ALL done, proving yet again that Mindy Gledhill is human like the rest of us. :)

    We know it wasn't intended, and chances are, once the sting of the offense wears off, that fan will recognize it too. Personally, seeing the concern you have over just one fan makes me respect you even more as both a person and an artist. For the disappointment felt by any one fan, I'd say a few of us just decided we appreciate you a little bit more.

  7. maybe it was Taylor Swift in disguise....hmmmm!?!?!?!

    In all seriousness...I have 2 points to make that may or may not make you feel better.

    1) If someone is going to get upset about a criticism of another artist to that degree - that possibly puts them in the stalker category. As in "I can't believe she just criticized my favorite artist...I'm going to BLOCK her!!!!"

    2) I'm a highly critical person when it comes to acting. I can't go to a movie or live performance without going through my mantra "I will not be critical, I WILL try to enjoy the show and respect that everyone has their own level of skill and brings something different to the role than I would" Repeat and repeat and repeat. In general I'm a really B-L-U-N-T and honest person...with that thought in mind, the other day I was writing up a blog and stopped short, I thought "I KNOW no one reads my blog and I'll probably never be famous, but if I criticize this particular actress publicly then I am for SURE burning any possibility of ever working with her...and in fact, I would work with her, because at this point in my career I am super desperate and would be happy for any kind of work...best not to type this." Although with that being said I'm NEVER going to change my opinion about the difference between celebrity and artist and the many times I have ranted online about it...Tom Cruise would never work with me - and I have already written about him. Guilty.

    Just something to think about...although I find once I start repressing my thoughts and feelings my creative side gets a little bit repressed as well...sometimes it is better to be free with our thoughts especially when they are true...as is the case with Taylor Swift.

    Anyway, that's the theatre world...all about networking...what does your "music success in 9 weeks" say about all of that? Anything? You got any views? I'm totally NOT reprimanding, just throwing some ideas out there that I actually was thinking the other day that just so happen to be a little bit relevant.

  8. Oh my sensitive Sherm. You will never be able to please everybody. You will inevitably rub someone the wrong way. Make no apologies for who you are. It isn't your fault that Taylor Swift can't carry a tune in a bucket. You said it. The world can deal with it. If not, they can block you.

    Love Sherm

  9. As Rick Nelson sang in Garden Party:

    But it's all right now, I've learned my lesson well. You see, you can't please everyone, so you've got to please yourself.

  10. Well, I didn't watch the Grammys, so I haven't a clue about Taylor's performance. But, I've heard good singers sing off key before. It happens. Usually, he/she is the first to admit it. It's funny, though, the only time I have actually heard Taylor Swift sing "live" (via TV, that is) was when she sang her duet with Miley Cyrus at last year's Grammys. I enjoyed her subtle, subdued performance and wondered why someone thought Miley's sound was a good match with that. All I heard after that was how great Taylor was because Miley was so off. (So, I guess you just have to pick the right person to duet with :).

    I am looking forward to the Paul Cardall concert. It will be the first time I get to see all of the artists involved live. I was so excited when I learned you would be performing Mindy, because I have been wanting to hear you live since I started listening to your songs on CD just over a year ago. I'm a latecomer. It will be a great Monday FHE for me.

  11. Meh. Let it go. I once may or may not have offended a fellow soprano in a choir I was in and she left the choir. Her choice to be offended where absolutely none was intended (not even sure if it was me); her choice to shut herself off from a fabulous choral experience. Don't lose sleep over it.

  12. What an idiot of a fan. Get over yourself, people. Mindy's entitled to her own opinion, even if it offends you. Geez.

  13. anyone who is so personally offended by a comment you made about someone else is looking for a fight, and they're way too self-righteous to worry about. Remember Imogen's song:
    "What matters to you, doesn’t matter, matter to me.
    What matters to me, doesn’t matter, matter to you.
    What matters to you, doesn’t matter, matter to them.
    What matters to them, doesn’t change anything."

    Secondly, as an artist, you cannot possibly worry about what your fans think of you. You must continue to be yourself, regardless of the consequences!

    And lastly, I will just say that I think that in many ways, Taylor's lack of singing talent has exposed a weakness in the industry. Yes she's a role model for her generation, yes she and her collaborators have written some catchy tunes, and yes, they captured the elusive lightning in a bottle. But she is not a great singer. Today's music consumer is so used to the perfectly tuned vocals coming out of the studio, that they don't know what to think of an actual human performance. Granted, she could get some training and be more on key than she was, but certainly she would never be able to sing to the merciless auto tune police in today's studio. I for one am a big proponent of human vocal performances. Sometimes sharp = emotional. Sometimes flat = heartbreaking. These are good moments that get removed in the sanitation process.
    All that being said, she was kind of embarrassing on the Grammys, and in many ways deserves the public lashing she got.
    *steps off soap box*


  14. Thanks Stu. I love that song by Imogen, by the way. You know, it's usually not hard for me to shake stuff like this, but the letter this person sent to me was so horrible that I had to take a day or two to recover. Your words are a great reminder of how to handle things.