Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Week 6, Day 37: All About You

Hmmm. I think it's safe to say that women make up a large percentage of my audience.

Look. I'm not one to beat around the bush. Let me just lay it all out on the table and confess that the chapter I am reading this week in Music Success in Nine Weeks is about YOU. More specifically, it's about connecting with my "fans" (you, I hope) specifically through my email list. If you haven't joined it already, you can do so by clicking here.

They say that an email list is possibly the most valuable part of a business. I can see the logic in that. However, there's this part of me that does not like to think of you as fans, let alone customers. I'm uncomfortable even typing those words. I don't want you to feel like I'm trying to sell something to you every time I send out a newsletter. Being that I put my heart on the line, get up in front of you at concerts and spill my guts to you, I'd like to think that we have a closer relationship than that. By the same token, I hope people are understanding that making music is part of my livelihood and my business (So if you ask me to sign your burned copy of my album, you will not escape without a lecture on the illegal downloading of music. Yes, this has really happened on several occasions.)

So here is where I could use your help. I have several burning questions:

What kinds of things would you like to hear about from me?

How often should a newsletter ideally be sent?

What other products besides albums and downloads would be cool to see in my online store? Shirts? Sheet music? A coffee mug with a pixelated photo of me on it?

One thing I love about you all is your creativity. I mean, you gave me some of the best elevator pitches EVER. Can't wait to hear your opinions.


  1. I personally would like to hear about the songwriting process for you. Do you hammer out a song in one day? Get inspired in weird places? Think of it all in your head, or do you have to write it down immediately? You could auction off the pens/pencils you write with!

    Don't do the newsletter more than once a week, unless you have a big announcement.

    Do you have any ringtones? I would like sheet music.

  2. definitely sell sheet music.

    you should include news/links to the charities you support.

    For your newsletter - you need to get some worldwide coverage...in other words you are doing a benefit concert for the orphanage in bulgaria...in utah. How many more people could benefit if you went global? You could broadcast to different locations (doha) where local artists can do a preshow/dinner - show YOUR concert and collect and send funds as well. It would be a huge way to make a difference. So find people you trust to do this. For instance, you don't know me, so you probably wouldn't use me, but you lived in Spain, right? See if a friend there would be willing to put something like that together for you. Surely you know people in other states who would be interested...so use your newsletter for recruiting that further.

    I think you should definitely feature some fan photos in your newsletter like you did for this blog entry.

    I think you are doing great so far...there aren't many suggestions to give because you are already doing a lot.

  3. I also vote a big "yes" for sheet music! :)

    As for how often a newsletter should be sent, it's sort of hard to say; every week might be too much, but once a month might be too sparse. Maybe every other week? The only reason I'd say "less is more" is because of inbox clutter. Not that anything Mindy Gledhill would be considered clutter in my inbox, but I do get daily emails from some businesses and it drives me nuts. Daily updates on your blog are perfect because fans can peruse that on their own time.

    I know you're a busy bee with school and your music right now, but if by some chance you ever make it to the East Coast for a concert, that would be a dream.

  4. hmm, what do we want to know? I love hearing the history of a song. Were you inspired by something in your own life, something you saw or read?

    Newsletter, about once a month, maybe sneak another one in for a holiday or super exciting event that comes up.

    ringtones is a cool idea (from another commentor), and I like the idea of t-shirts too. Funky, cool, Mindy tee's. Nothing too lame...

  5. Sweet. I love all these ideas. Keep 'em coming!

  6. Ring tones: Great idea
    News letter: Once a month
    I would like to know how songs are inspired and created.
    Sheet Music: Yes

  7. I'm so glad you asked! Just the other day, I was setting up the karaoke machine for my daughter and wishing I had a karaoke version of some of her favorite Mindy Gledhill songs. Any chance you could sell karaoke versions of your songs? Just for me?? :o)

  8. YES TO SHEET MUSIC!!!!! Please! I love so many of your songs and recently have been wishing I had some sheet music, especially to Small Enough and Emma. Anyway, I hope to see sheet music online soon. And I like the idea of karaoke cds too :)

  9. Also, pillows with your face on them. For stalkers.

    I mean--sheet music would be great!

  10. SHEET MUSIC!!! Please. Please please please. For piano, specifically.

  11. cool thought on the sheet music idea!

    have to say that i LOVE the gold double necklaces you're rocking in one of the middle photos! i just designed a couple similar this week -- loving this look!


  12. I have a burned copy, but I bought it off i-tunes and burned it myself. Just so you know.

  13. I love that you put a pic up here of us! We are a huge fan! I would love to hear the history behind a song too! And I love the sheet music idea. I love the Newsletter to know where you will be next and what you have done. Maybe a 2 a month send the newsletter. Thanks for sharing your talents with us!

  14. Once a month + super duper exciting news.

    Karaoke all the way. I'd love to belt out your music to some real music in the background.

    Just how can we get you to come sing out here in NC?

    I'd buy a T-shirt if it was cool.

    How about vinyl? Not that I have a record player anymore, but, come on, how cool would that be?

    I'd love to hear about your favorite music, artists, and stores. What about a recipee? Scan in some of your kids artwork? Just fun, simple random stuff. Maybe a little bathroom humor too..

  15. Sheet music! Sheet music! Sheet music! My desparate attempts to play your songs are becoming drastic, one ear listening to my ipod and the other making sure i hit the right notes! I'd buy a copy! And i'd tell ALL of my piano playing friends to buy and download a copy! It really would really cater to your music playing fans! Also, I'd like to proudly proclaim that I am in the minority percentage of male fans! Mindy, your music rocks! After your new CD comes out you have to return to Mesa,AZ and do another concert.

  16. Sheet music would be a huge hit!!! And I also second (or third, or fourth...) the idea of your songwriting process. :D

  17. Just curious, how do you know that the burned copies of your music were illegally downloaded and not ones that were purchased? (I'd love to see a video on your site giving the what for to one of those people! :)

    I came up with another pitch for you:

    Musically inclined, nearly divine. Your goosebumps leaping effortlessly, delighting here in lovely lyrics. (Which when written down spells out something special!)

    M usically
    I nclined,
    N early
    D ivine.
    Y our

    G oosebumps
    L eaping
    E ffortlessly,
    D elighting
    H ere
    I n
    L ovely
    L yrics.

  18. Wow! You seriously put some thought into that pitch. I have no problems with anyone burning songs to CD that they have purchased from itunes. However, I have had people literally hand me a CD and ask for an autograph after they tell me that they copied it from their friend or how their whole mission "burned my CD." Some people just don't realize 1.) how wrong that is and 2.) that is the last thing you should say to an artist who has invested serious time and money into their work.