Thursday, February 11, 2010

Successes for 02/11/10

1.) Worked out arms and shoulders this morning. P90X has given me some seriously manly arms. (Shadow or pit hair? You decide.)

2.) Other than the laundry room, THIS is the room in our house that never ceases to look like it got hit by an atomic bomb.

But today, I cleaned up the nuclear waste.

3.) Got invited to sing at the awards gala for the Monaco Film Festival this May. (This is me and The Gypsy Kings two years ago at the festival. I think they're actually either the sons of the Gypsy Kings or some dang good impostors.)

4.) Took a bath.

5.) Went to class and had a heart to heart with my teacher about how I don't understand a single thing he says.


  1. Mindy!!! First of all that dress in the pic - the white one: GORGEOUS!! Secondly, you are my nuclear waste removal hero. (Sure you didn't photoshop the after pic of that room?? LOL)

  2. Those look like Kelly Ripa arms! Go Mindy!!

  3. Loved your ripped arms and that clean room! Hello, your house is so cute. Come decorate mine!

  4. I hope its a shadow ;-P One morning a little while ago, my 11 year old got up and snuggled in bed with me, and commented on my armpit smell... I told him his day was coming, and he's stink worse. He wasn't sure if I was telling the truth, so I told him to compare my smell to his dad's, and it's official, boys do stink worse. Anywho, really good job on that room there. That deserves a standing ovation.

  5. Are you sure you didn't have Marni come clean it up again...or use the same picture from the time she cleaned it? ;) Just kidding!

    Your arms look great! You could probably keep them that way by just continuing to pick up that one room! :)

  6. Ha! No. Marni didn't help me this time. Who are you, anonymous?

  7. Mindy, the office looks great! And you do have nice arms.