Friday, October 22, 2010

Logan, UT, November 5th

Dear Logan,

This is my first time doing my own show in your town. But I've come through many a time with other shows as a supporting artist and you have never failed me at those shows. Come on over to Whysound Music Venue at 30 Federal Ave. on Friday, November 5th and we'll have a jolly old time singing, clapping, and keytar-ing to my brand new album, "Anchor." Tickets are only $8 at the door. See you then.


Mindy Gledhill


  1. When are you coming out East? You can stay with me and sing at my theater----let me know... :)

    Shawn, Haileys Mum

  2. This definitely calls for getting a babysitter! :) I am bringing the man with me, can't wait!!! My 4 year old will be very jealous that she doesn't get to come and hear you sing "The Girl Song" (whole wide world) in person :) It's her favorite!

  3. Can't wait!! :)
    LOVE your new CD